2013 Markie Categories

We have updated our list of categories with some fresh new categories for the 2013 Markie Awards. Download a zip file containing all entry forms or download individual forms below.

Automation Outside the Box – Many organizations purchase a marketing automation platform for typical uses such as lead nurturing or scoring and then find more ways to revolutionize other business processes. This award highlights creative and “outside the box” programs – either internal or external — that have helped your organization save time or money, increase engagement, and impact revenue. Download entry form

Best Alignment of Marketing & Sales – Can Marketing and Sales really achieve true alignment? It takes more than words. If your company has translated words into action through tighter organizational alignment, shared goals and reporting, new communications strategies or innovative approaches to compensation, we want to hear about it. Download entry form

Best Customer Lifecycle Program – Are you marketing to customers at different stages in their lifecycle with you? This could be focused on renewal, upsell or cross-sell, loyalty, reference, and much more. Share your program details and your metrics with us. Download entry form

Best Lead Nurturing Program – Do you have a sophisticated lead nurturing program that has measurable results? Does your program make decisions that matter and result in actions that are compelling? Do you have creative workflows or interesting segmentation? Tell us about it and you might take home the Markie. Download entry form

Best Lead Scoring Program – If your organization has improved sales targeting through automated lead scoring, we want to know about it. Tell us about increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, increased revenue, better sales and marketing alignment or any positive outcomes of your scoring program. People, process and technology all come into play in this award. Download entry form

Best Social Campaign – Has your brand or company effectively used social marketing as a strategy to build brand awareness or sustained dialogs with your customers or prospects? If your brand has used social media in new and interesting ways, we want to hear about your efforts. Perhaps you used social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as the centerpiece of a successful new marketing campaign. Have you seized the opportunities available through social media and generated proven results? If so, this is the category for you. Download entry form

Content is King – Drawing in prospects with engaging content is an important piece of modern marketing. If you’ve aligned your target personas and the buyer’s journey to your content strategy, this Markie is for you. Tell us how your content converts prospects, sustains customers, and impacts revenue to take home the statue. Winners of this Markie will have a holistic, team-wide approach to content marketing that sets them apart from their competitors. Download entry form

Data Clean House – Every modern marketer knows that an inaccurate, inconsistent or out-of-date database decreases campaign effectiveness, but solving the problem is no simple matter. This award recognizes organizations that have made clean and accurate data a strategic priority – and have seen that investment pay off with higher conversion rates, more opportunities, bigger deals and increased ROI. Download entry form

Event Nirvana – Events are a critical lead generation tactic for most marketers, but more often than not, events run marketers instead of the other way around. Not so for nominees for this award, who have significantly automated their event communications program to squeeze every opportunity out of tradeshows, conferences, online and field events. Show us how you’ve increased event efficiency, maximized attendance, and boosted conversion to opportunities to win a Markie. Download entry form

Extraordinary Email – Yes, email can be extraordinary. In fact, there are some email communications that are so well written, so masterfully designed, that it’s only a question of when people will respond, not if. Achieving extraordinary response rates isn’t luck – it’s the result of great targeting, content, personalization and timing. Show us your best performing emails – whether they’re fancy HTML or simple text – and the response they drive to compete for this Markie. Download entry form

Fresh Start – Have you made the switch to Eloqua from a previous marketing platform and would like to dazzle us with your strong business results? If you’re better, faster, stronger because of your fresh start this Markie might have your name on it. Tell us about your measurable gains and business impact and how you’ve achieved a return on your technology investment to take home the prize. Download entry form

Integration Innovation – Have you taken advantage of Eloqua’s flexible integration options to enhance your business or improve your analytics? Tell us about the successful ways you’ve used Cloud Connectors to streamline or enhance your marketing efforts, or how you’ve used the API in interesting ways. Your results of time or money saved, increased response rates, or better targeting will help you win this Markie. Download entry form

Marketing Automation Rookie of the Year – Building a high performance revenue engine isn’t always easy. For most organizations, it can take time to master the intricate blend of messaging, segmentation, data, organizational alignment and other disciplines. So how do some businesses make it look easy in their first year? The Rookie of the Year award honors the fast starters for their superb planning, execution and automation. (This award is open to those who have purchased a marketing automation system since July 2012.) Download entry form

Marketing Center of Excellence – If your business has developed a Marketing Center of Excellence to ensure adoption of marketing best practices, organizational alignment and consistent standards for measurement and reporting, you could take home this award. Winners of this award have developed a process and model for marketing process decision-making and planning, developed internal champions and subject matter experts, and have promoted the pervasive adoption of best practices in marketing communications, automation and measurement. Download entry form

Metrics That Matter – This award recognizes an organization that has moved beyond reporting on simple clicks and conversions and can now make strategic business decisions based on the metrics they measure. Submissions must include example dashboards and descriptions. Download entry form

Modern Marketing Leader of the Year – Just as great people are the foundation for successful businesses, innovators are often the driving force behind exceptional marketing. You know who they are – the passionate senior people that push their teams to succeed, lead decisive change, set the vision for the entire marketing organization and introduce innovative concepts. Tell us about their achievements to secure their own personal Markie statue! (Please note that this award will be given to an individual [VP or CMO], not an organization.) Download entry form

Most Creative Marketing Campaign – Sometimes all of the pieces align to create a fantastic marketing campaign – the perfect idea, the right target, the memorable artwork, the personalized follow-up, and of course, the measurable results. Inspire us by sharing your creativity in screenshots or links. Download entry form

Sales Impact – If you’ve enabled your sales team with the tools, technology and techniques that improve win rates, sales velocity or competitive advantage, we want to hear about it – in their words. Nominations for this award must include testimonials from sales professionals in addition to improvements in sales-related KPIs and metrics. Demonstrating revenue growth driven in part by marketing campaigns and processes makes you stand out even higher in this category. Download entry form

Social Media Rookie of the Year – Building a highly engaging social media platform isn’t always easy. For most organizations, it can take time to master the intricate blend of messaging, advertising, fan engagement, customer service, public relations and other disciplines on social networks. So how do some businesses find great success with social media in their first year with a new platform? The Social Media Rookie of the Year award honors the fast starters for their superb planning, execution and engagement in social media. These fascinating marketers seize the opportunities of social media, often in harmony with promotions across other touch-points as well. (This award is open to companies that have started using a new social marketing platform since July 2012 to help enhance and control social media engagement. Preference will be given to companies that are quite new to the social space, rather than just changing from one social platform to an alternative.) Download entry form

People’s Choice Award: Best Video Submission – In 2012 the Markie Awards added an optional video component to the submission process which produced several engaging and creative videos. This year we would like continue the optional video entry idea and honor the best of those submissions with a people’s choice award voted on by your peers. Full details on voting will be announced in late August after all Markie submissions have been received. Requirements: videos should be no longer than 1 minute (anything over 1 minute 30 seconds will be excluded) and should enhance your Markie submission via creativity, humor, or human interest touches. See a round-up of some of our favorite videos from 2012.