Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Markie Awards?
The Markie Awards celebrate and recognize excellent marketing — when right-brain creativity and left-brain analytics combine together for greatness. The winner in each category receives a beautiful statue to announce to the world what they’ve accomplished. This is your chance to shine and earn the recognition that you deserve.

Who can enter?
Any marketer anywhere that has demonstrated results from their marketing activities.

Is the 2017 Markies just for marketers in North America?
No. The Markies is a global awards program open to marketers around the world.

I thought the Markie Awards was a program just for Eloqua customers?
No! The Markie Awards began as an Eloqua customer awards program, but is open to ALL marketers. Categories span Cross-Channel Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Marketing, Data Management & Advertising, Web Optimization, Marketing Innovation, Analytics, and more!

How do I enter the 2017 Markie Awards?
Visit the “How to Submit” section here for full details.

If I cannot attend the Awards Ceremony can I still enter? Can I still win?
Absolutely. You do not need to be present to win. Several past winners have been unable to attend and have designated someone to accept on their behalf.

How many finalists will be announced in each category?
Due to the number of high-quality submissions we receive, we plan to announce four finalists per category. All finalists will receive a crystal plaque to honor their achievement during the awards ceremony (or mailed to them after that date if they are unable to attend). Please note that no single company will be selected as a finalist or winner in more than three categories.

Can I enter more than one category?
Yes. However we ask that you enter a specific campaign into only one category. (If the judging panel thinks it is mis-categorized you will be notified that it is being moved into a new category.)

Can I enter an older campaign that started two years ago?
We ask that you limit your entries to programs or campaigns that had the bulk of their work or results in the last 12 months.

I want to enter in a category from last year, but I don’t see it on this year’s list of categories. Can I still enter in this category?
No. In order to keep the Markie Awards fresh and relevant to Modern Marketers, we review and revamp our list of categories each year. We will only accept submissions for the categories listed for 2017. Our new category list can be viewed on the “2017 Markies Categories” page.

What makes a winning entry?
This answer varies per category. In general, our judging panel gives preference to submissions that are able to show measurable and strong results. It is perfectly acceptable to include charts, graphs and other items that visually represent performance. Also remember that a 3-page entry may sometimes be more effective than a 20-page entry, especially if you’re able to distill the important facts clearly for the judging panel. You can review the nominated submissions on this website to see what it takes to be selected as a Markie finalist. All submissions should be backed up with clear results and metrics, which demonstrate success.





Video Submissions

In addition to the Peoples Choice Award: Best Video Submission, if you would like, you may supplement your Markie submission with video to allow you to tell the best, most memorable parts of your success story in a more personal way. This is not simply meant to be a verbal recap of your submission document, but rather a complementary part of the submission process. We want to know about the real-world people and details behind your Markie accomplishments. Be creative, be memorable, and have fun!

What makes a great story?
According to Chip Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, the best stories have these elements: real people that others can identify with, concrete details, an unexpected element, and an emotional pay off. Think of your story in three parts: the big problem that needs to be addressed, something that made the problem even worse, and then a satisfying ending where everything is resolved. Questions to ask yourself as you build your story: Who is the main character and how can others relate to him/her? Is there a villain? What “solution” did you try that actually made the problem worse? Who were your trusty companions along the way? Did you do something that you didn’t think was possible? Describe the victory: both the emotional reaction and the metrics.

How will these videos be used?
The judging committee will watch them and take them into account in the judging process. We may show them during the Markies ceremony at Modern Marketing Experience, and they will become part of the Markies website. In the future, they may also be shared on our Topliners community or perhaps shown at future events.

Video guidelines and entry details:
To enter, submit a video as a supplement to your entry in any of the other categories. All videos entered 2 minutes and under in length will be eligible for this award. You will be asked in your submission document to share the URL of your video, so please post it on YouTube, Vimeo, or some other similar service.

Example of Markie Video