Heather Zynczak Marketing Visionary (2012)

Being a relatively new company, Domo didn’t have a large marketing team (six people total) and many of our efforts were ad hoc. Heather came in with a data driven mindset and set a new course for the marketing operations of the company. She completely transformed the way Domo approaches demand generation, lead nurturing, and sales enablement. She created a system to capture and analyze in excruciating detail prospect numbers and the conversion rates through the sales pipeline. Heather relies on data first, ahead of any gut feel, to create, implement or change a course of action.

Prior to Heather, Domo was doing more “batch and blast” email campaigns mixed with a few events each quarter. A webinar or two would occasionally happen and our social efforts were in a primitive stage. We lacked a real vision and direction with our marketing efforts. We looked at a few metrics here and there, but never considered them when planning a new event or email campaign.

To get marketing moving, Heather analyzed the data around our current sales successes and planned and implemented a 90-day blitz campaign that focused on three targeted segments, which went live one month after her first day. Content pieces, online events, tradeshows, social strategy, and nurturing campaigns fit together in a strategic plan with specific metrics we sought to meet. Over the course of this 90-day campaign, we saw our leads increase up to 10x per week — and on average 5X monthly.

Heather’s next goal was aligning marketing and sales. Yes, we had been working closely before, but we didn’t have a “single version of the truth”. Heather pulled together metrics that both sales and marketing cared about daily. The first step was making sure both marketing and sales were speaking the same language. In her analysis, she discovered that the sales team qualified prospects differently than marketing. She started weekly meetings with the VP of Sales, the Director of InsideSales, the Marketing Analytics Manager, and me to transform the way these departments viewed and relied on the data.  We came to common definitions of a prospect, MQL, SAL, and SQL, and lead tracking processes. Then came the biggest step of all: creating one version of the truth. After months of painful reporting and discussions, we finally developed a report that accurately reflected what was really happening within Domo. Each week sales, marketing, and even finance uses this report to follow trends of Prospects, MQLs, SALs, and SQLs, to determine sales and marketing effectiveness, and to establish an accurate ROI that Heather can confidently bring to our CEO.

As part of this process and through her insistence that we focus on the data, Heather’s team uncovered an extreme discrepancy between prospects and SALs. Instead of blaming the sales team for not closing deals, she took a step back and really examined Domo’s marketing and sales processes. Heather enacted change within the organization and tightened the marketing process at Domo. The first step was implementing lead scoring. Both marketing and the ADM team needed a better picture of each prospect. We implemented Eloqua’s new lead scoring the first week it was available and have been watching and refining it the past two months. No longer is the ADM team wasting time with leads that aren’t ready to buy, and we’ve been able to identify key leads to send to an outbound marketing ADM team that continues to work and nurture these leads through the sales funnel. Additionally, each week the demand gen team talks with the inbound ADM team about new campaigns being launched, new content pieces that can be used in the sales and nurturing cycle, and how different leads should be handled. These two steps have contributed to a 125% increase in SALs just in the past two months. Where others would have pointed fingers and placed blame, Heather took the time to understand the story the data was telling and to find an innovative yet simple solution.

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