Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe

This award honours companies with aligned Marketing and Sales teams. Finalists in this category have translated words into action through tighter organisational alignment, shared goals and reporting, new communications strategies and innovative approaches to compensation.

Basware Oyj Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2013)

Under the mantra of “no lead left behind” Basware initiated a program in 2012 to implement a robust lead and opportunity management regime, defining an integrated process, establishing agreed quality metrics, qualification criteria and process adherence reporting. The program objective was to provide marketing and sales with a common set of expectations for lead management and conversion to opportunity which was consequently carried through into the design, implementation and adoption phases of the program.

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Cincom Systems Inc. Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2013)

Cincom Systems, Inc. sells business solutions that simplify complex business problems. Because complexity is so pervasive throughout these engagements, sales cycles can be very lengthy as we progress through the various stages of learning and discovery that are required to make and understand the business case. Our US counterparts had faced similar challenges the year before, so following the “bright spots” methodology outlined in “Switch” we decided to adopt their sales enablement practices, while adjusting to our European sales structure.  Marketing is now more involved throughout the sales cycle to ensure that the sales team has the materials and messaging that’s required at each touch point, and sales is involved in the creation of marketing materials to make sure it reflects what they hear during their conversations, and they will actually utilize it.

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XpertHR – a part of Reed Business Information Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2013)

The launch of the subscriber nurture programme has meant customer marketing now better complements our sales team’s efforts and processes (and vice versa), giving greater consistency and relevancy of messaging, and allowing us to provide further intelligence to sales for a variety of customer scenarios, such as up-sell opportunities or flagging low usage.

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Concur Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2012)

Concur’s vision was to define a strategy and build an engine to make demand generation and prospect progression highly automated and effective across our company. By completely aligning the Sales and Marketing teams in our EMEA Business Unit, we have made sure the people, process and systems around the world are working together for total Revenue Performance Management.  The results of this alignment have had a profound cultural impact on us as well as an impact on revenue, with 20% growth this past year.  We finally have a predictive model and a united team to drive the business every day.

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Kronos Incorporated Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2012)

Implementing a multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-language environment with different sales leadership and business backgrounds is challenging. At Kronos International we have invested in experienced People for our teams, rewritten our Processes, and rolled out Eloqua and CRM Platforms in less than 18 months, to achieve a new demand and lead generation process that has given us complete visibility of our International pipeline and revenues.

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Thomson Reuters Best Alignment of Marketing and Sales in Europe (2012)

Aligning Sales and Marketing has been a critical part of re-engineering every stage of our purchase process, as we drive towards revenue performance management.

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