Best European Lead Nurturing Programme

Finalists for this award know that a sophisticated lead nurturing program utilises creative workflows and segmentation to deliver measurable results, decisions that matter and actions that are compelling.

Swiss Post Solutions Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2013)

Our first‐ever Eloqua welcome nurture program was born out of a need for marketing support for a new solution to the UK portfolio, as well as greater alignment between Sales and Marketing and better visibility of lead generation activity. The program is fully‐integrated with our CRM system (Oracle CRMOD) and gives Sales sight over marketing qualified leads and insight into their level of engagement with the content we are sending them. In just over a year we have seen an enormous increase in the number of sales converted leads, the value of these as opportunities in the sales pipeline (up 291%) and the overall ROI on the campaign (up more than 500%). Building on this success, we have created an extended version of the program aimed at providing educational content to prospects at all stages of the buyer’s journey and positioning us as thought and market leaders in this space.

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VMware Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2013)

Whilst VMware have been working with Eloqua for over 7 years and are globally one of the largest users, they recognized that they were not utilizing all available functionality and were not delivering true nurturing activity. Taking the complexities of the SMB market as a starting point, 2012 saw them embark on a new journey to shift the organization’s focus from stand-alone multi-touch campaigns towards a fully integrated nurturing framework. By year end, the results of the new nurture approach were outstanding setting a new global benchmark for the organization. Moving into 2013, the EMEA team are now accepted as the global lead region for lead nurturing and the approach is being launched out beyond SMB to all parts of the organization.

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XpertHR – a part of Reed Business Information – Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2013)

1E Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2012)

1E developed a persona-based set of nurturing programmes. Firstly, they developed and documented their buyer personas, created their own content grid and filled the gaps, and built a welcome programme and nurturing programmes per persona. The content for each program was based around each persona’s needs and interests, with activity driven content providing extra information to their specific focus (relating to the areas where 1E solutions are used). They have also set up closed loop reporting to gain revenue-centric statistics around performance and optimisation.

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Axios Systems Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2012)

Between two people and in just three weeks, Axios Systems managed to design, create and launch a 60 touch lead nurturing programme, reaching out to 150,000 inactive contacts from absolutely nothing.  Not only did they build a complex programme that would increase reach by 500% in three months but they underpinned it all with brand new email templates, landing pages, a complex lead scoring model and tied it all together with RPM metrics for sales pipeline conversion.  The backbone for this all was Eloqua10.  Its slick, simple to use campaign canvas, combined with the robust power of program builder meant that what was previously thought of as impossible for Axios could finally be achieved.

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Sony Professional Solutions Europe Best European Lead Nurturing Programme (2012)

Sony Professional Solutions Europe realised that they needed to transform their marketing to become much more customer focused and efficient, in order to step change their effectiveness.  After selecting 2 key customer groups, conducting detailed research to really understand the audiences and selecting a marketing automation platform (Eloqua), they built a number of fully automated multi-channel CRM programmes to target the customers with the right message at the right time throughout the customer lifecycle.  This approach has proven so successful that is now being adopted across the business with 13 other CRM programmes now being developed.

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