Best European Lead Scoring Programme

This award honours European organisations that have driven improved sales targeting through automated lead scoring, resulting in increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, increased revenue, better sales and marketing alignment and other positive outcomes.

DocuSign Best European Lead Scoring Programme (2013)

To increase conversion, DocuSign implemented account-based scoring with Eloqua.  DocuSign took our Eloqua lead scoring model to the next level by applying the engagement scores across leads of the same account to form an account-based score.  We use the new account-based score to predict and validate which opportunities sales should focus on that will most likely close. For every additional active lead on an account, DocuSign sees a 23% increase in the chance that the deal will close. We accelerate our pipeline by helping our sales team focus on deals more likely to close.

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Swiss Post Solutions Best European Lead Scoring Programme (2013)

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS) has a complex solution portfolio, which is offered globally. As a part the Eloqua deployment, SPS embarked on redesigning the sales and marketing process to achieve greater alignment. With regard to the lead ‘hand‐over’ process it was clear that we had to implement a lead scoring model that was agreed to by all stakeholders and provided confidence in the quality of the leads provided by marketing. As a result we have implemented a multisolution lead scorning model that covers seven solutions and is fully integrated with our CRM system, Oracle CRMOD.

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Concur Best European Lead Scoring Programme (2012)

The existing lead scoring system at Concur’s EMEA Business Unit wasn’t efficiently predicting lead quality and was hampering Sales’ ability to respond effectively. In conjunction with Concur’s global integration of demand generation, the EMEA unit developed a powerful lead scoring system that seamlessly moves prospects through the demand funnel based on KPI triggers. This new model improves efficiencies and increases the quality of leads that are being pushed to Sales. The new easy-to-see scoring process is updated in real time, so both teams can easily track lead status, progress, and campaign efficiency. People, processes, and systems now work together for better Revenue Performance Management.

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McAfee Best European Lead Scoring Programme (2012)

Our challenge was to send only qualified leads to sales, based on what our particular region considered qualified as well as making sure the lead was assigned appropriately and the sales rep had the information they needed to close the deal. Our solution was to build an EMEA specific lead scoring programme within Eloqua that would be flexible enough to respond to the needs of the sales group and stringent enough to send over true MQLs. With a bit of data validation and Profiler, we’re aligning with Sales a little more every day.

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