Best International Campaign

The Best International Campaign award will go to a company with a successful marketing campaign outside the United States - in multiple countries in multiple languages, modification of a program originally created in the U.S. and re-launched in another country, or any variation in between.

D&B Best International Campaign (2012)

D&B’s 2011 Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey team turned the global campaign effort into a model for success, inserting new email touchpoints and adding a gift card incentive midway through the program to reach ambitious 2011 response rate and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) goals. Leveraging the flexibility of the Eloqua platform’s reporting and email distribution processes and a never-say-die spirit, the VOC team hit its overall survey response rate goal, its highest CSI mark ever, and demonstrated that engagement with the 2011 VOC survey correlated directly with revenue surges from respondent companies. The VOC effort has become a D&B model for project excellence, for informed, cohesive and intelligent execution, and for results-driven project flexibility.

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Rockwell Automation Best International Campaign (2012)

Rockwell Automation’s marketing team was tasked with launching one of the company’s most important product lines in years to an international audience in the machine builder market spanning 18 countries across Europe, Africa and the USA, with the ambitious goals:

  • Generate several million dollars’ worth of opportunity demand in the sales funnel
  • Convert 40% of the opportunities to sales

Eloqua’s canvases, emails, landing pages, streamlined form processing, tracking, customization options and interfaces allowed us to create an automated, highly successful and ongoing campaign:

  • using 60% of the time and energy of equivalent campaigns in the past
  • while funneling better qualified leads directly to our sales team for follow up
  • in just 6 weeks’ time
  • that is now moving into phase two in which the response behavior seen in phase one will guide a number of tactical improvements.
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Sage Best International Campaign (2012)

A campaign was created to increase acquisition into the Sage Accountants Network (a membership network for public practice accountants using Sage software) in Canada. We developed a white paper on “Attracting New Clients to Your Business” and distributed a download link through an email acquisition campaign. An outbound calling campaign followed for those prospects that opened the white paper.  This portion of the campaign centered on discussing the whitepaper and communicating the benefits of membership in Sage Accountants Network. The campaign was sent to 2,496 Canadian accountants over three weeks, including a test run of three subject lines to increase open rates.

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Western Digital Best International Campaign (2012)

During the North America myWD Partner Program launch, a series of launch emails were setup.  The objective of the email was to acquire new members for the myWD Partner Program targeting at WD’s resellers, solution providers and systems integrators to help grow their business collaboratively. WD replicated its North America myWD Partner Program Launch communication emails for EMEAi myWD Partner Program launch with remarkable success. From 1 version used in North America, the emails were replicated into 10 different languages for 68 countries in EMEAi. EMEAi result was definitely noteworthy, with unique open rate well above the industry average and WD’s non-international average.

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Cisco TelePresence Best International Campaign (2011)

Cisco TelePresence’s “Working Together” was a 20 country, 14 language program with a 2-prong approach that included an automated 4-drop email demand generation nurture campaign targeting prospects & net new list buy contacts as well as an automated 2-drop email stalled opportunity acceleration campaign targeting opportunities that had been inactive for more than 90 days.  This campaign allowed for lead prioritization based on contact response activities passed through to CRM for tele-prospecting to focus on leads that showed more activity on campaign offers.  Roll-up reporting was used to close the loop on outbound marketing efforts and to measure not only overall campaign success but also individual offer success & behavioral insight to better understand segmentation for future phases of this program. The DG campaign produced more than 5,000 leads and the stalled opportunity acceleration program produced a 2% conversion rate with over $7 million in re-engaged opportunities.

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National Instruments Best International Campaign (2011)

At the beginning of 2010, two separate campaigns were merged at NI Corporate.  We had separate programs for each and we had to quickly merge the strategy/ data/contacts and information into one program to support the new corporate vision; and we had to align and launch it internationally across 17 countries.  For this new campaign, we created one master global program which provided easier global adoption and flexibility, helped bring global alignment, helped reduce our resource build time and brought more visibility to how this program is performing worldwide. Because of easier reporting for the new structure, we can better compare and see that international branches have an increase of 32% in OR, and China has a large increase of 2108 active contacts for this program.

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OpenText Best International Campaign (2011)

The Better Together campaign was a transformational moment for OpenText marketing. Not only did it provide astonishing financial results, it also changed the way that we now approach campaigns. A campaign that was meant to highlight how OpenText and Microsoft are “better together” ended up paving the way for a more integrated approach to global campaigns – taking the needs of many different regions into account. And it brought OpenText marketing teams together to leverage each other’s efforts in an unprecedented way. Thanks to Eloqua, it’s integration to, and the partners who helped us to create the campaign – LeadFabric, Demodia and Couch Associates.

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Perceptive Software Best International Campaign (2011)

The Perceptive Software International email campaign was a turnkey, 4-touch email program targeting our parent company’s top accounts across 6+ countries with the goal of introducing Perceptive Software to each new international market.  Distributed weekly, each email contained different calls-to-action and was customized to the target persona and their language requirements and sent from a key sales manager in each country.  Finally, the send function was automated for each country and customized to meet cultural requirements (time of day/day of week). The program continues to gain momentum and is expected to launch in Italy and Australia/New Zealand in fall 2011.

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