Best Lead Nurturing Program

Finalists for this award know that a sophisticated lead nurturing program utilizes creative workflows and segmentation to deliver measurable results, decisions that matter and actions that are compelling.

ACTIVE Network – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2015)

At ACTIVE Network, the Demand Generation and Marketing Operations team works tirelessly to drive Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), that convert to Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) and Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQOs). In April of 2014 the team noticed that Inside Sales failed to reach nearly half of the leads coming into the database! After analyzing the data, and working with Inside Sales, the Marketing team developed and implemented a multi-touch and multi-vertical Failed to Reach Lead Nurture Campaign that helped generate new opportunities within the first month! Thanks to the power of the Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud, its Campaign Canvass and Customer Profiler, this campaign has driven nearly $900,000 in Pipeline and $600,000 in Closed Won Bookings since May 2014 and sky’s the limit for 2015!

DocuSign – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2015)

The DocuSign market is virtually limitless. DocuSign serves personal users, mom & pop shops, small & medium sized companies, Enterprise organizations, all the horizontals and verticals in-between, all around the globe. It is a massive market. Nurtures are a critical strategy for their persona-based marketing and selling approach and is the heart of the DocuSign marketing strategy, which requires continuously tailoring communications to closely align with messaging to such a diverse and unique set of personas. With 20 million contacts, 115 active concurrent nurture campaigns, over 1,200 email deployments/year, and 60+ million emails sent in 2014, all designed to deliver the right message, at the right stage, nurture programs have served as a cornerstone to fueling DocuSign’s rapid growth.

LinkedIn – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2015)

Being LinkedIn’s largest B2B business, our Talent Solutions Marketing team was tasked with an ambitious goal to grow the business to $1 billion. The challenged we faced was how to support that growth globally as a marketing operations team. We needed to push the envelope of our traditional marketing tactics while generating quality demand for sales. We built a sophisticated nurture program that targets 3 major buying stages (Suspects, Prospects, and Closed Disqualified Leads/Closed Disengaged Contacts). To ensure that we are sending the right message to the right contact at the right time, the program contains 50+ email variations with at least 1500 different experiences depending on who the contact is and their digital body language. The program redefined a key channel for our marketing team and growing revenue from nurture by 10X within 1 year. Our Talent Solutions nurture journey as proven the value of nurture to both marketing and sales and has paved the way for all nurture efforts globally for all B2B business at LinkedIn.

Polycom – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2015)

The “Defy Distance” campaign (winner of the eighth annual SiriusDecisions Return on Integration Award for Marketing Excellence) was Polycom’s first fully-integrated global marketing effort, bringing together more than 100 people from Field Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Solutions Marketing and the Global Sales team with the goal of driving awareness and generating demand for Polycom. Marketing teams worldwide carried out activities in multiple languages through nearly every digital and non-digital channel.

The campaign kicked off simply, with a survey around remote collaboration and led into an ongoing series of vertically-targeted efforts, including three mini-sites and dozens of web pages with specialized content (so far!). The marketing automation component employed gated content, progressive profiling, segmentation by personas, lead scoring, and content strategy based on buying stages.

Cetera Financial Group – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2014)

As a leader in the financial sector, Cetera Financial Group strives to support the unique needs of our clients and prospects. Faced with a decrease in organic growth across the industry in 2013, we wanted to do more to optimize and personalize our prospects’ experience with the Cetera brand – whether they had visited our website or already given us their email address – by using data about their current needs, interests, demographics and more to nurture them through the buyer’s journey. With that in mind, we developed Cetera’s first-ever lead nurture campaign by integrating new technologies – Bizo for retargeting, LookBook for asset delivery and engaging content paths, and Vidyard for high-engagement videos – and developing more than 100 new assets with a consistent look and feel to support the campaign (emails, LookBooks, Vidyards, landing pages, Bizo ads, etc.). In doing so, Cetera was able to successfully engage prospects based on their activity, deliver content across channels specific to their needs, and give the sales team the tools to present solutions known to be pertinent to the prospects’ interests. With this lead nurturing campaign – NextGeneration as we called it internally – and a new lead scoring model to support it, leads were better qualified, faster, making marketing qualified leads (MQLs) the number one source of opportunities and organic growth at the Cetera broker-dealers in 2014.

Jackson Healthcare – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2014)

Combining a strategic sales nurturing campaign with a “give more than ask” philosophy, Jackson Healthcare achieved a 23% lift in nominations in 2014 for its national Hospital Charitable Services Awards, making it the most successful season in the program’s five year history. In addition, relationships with key hospital constituents have deepened and engagement is at an all-time high. This achievement fulfills the Awards Program’s mission, allowing us to increase the awareness we’re able to bring to community health issues and share the stories of how hospital programs are positively impacting the underserved.

Perceptive Software – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2014)

Perceptive Software has created a sophisticated, multi-series lead nurturing program that targets new and under-marketed contacts and converts them into data-rich prospects moving through the Digital Buyer’s Journey. The program leverages progressive profiling and advanced program feeders to transfer contacts from a generic nurture series to an appropriate vertical-specific nurture series, all within one nurture program. Thorough testing and optimization has resulted in staggering increases in email KPIs and a substantial lift in Perceptive’s total revenue. The program required a high degree of teamwork, and stands as proof of the remarkable power of working in a collaborative environment. Lead nurture programs like this are vital to Perceptive Software’s marketing mix and will greatly contribute to the future sustained growth of the company.

Ruukki – Best Lead Nurturing Program (2014)

The Ruukki Lead Journey starts when a residential roofing prospect becomes
a Marketing Qualified Lead for a new, state-of-the-art steel roof by one of
several means:
1.  Entering Eloqua through Salesforce
2.  Participating in a competition
3.  Requesting a roof evaluation visit
4.  Other inbound marketing channel

The first phase of the lead nurturing process consists of a campaign involving
emails, banners and remarketing that incites prospects to request a visit
from a Ruukki Roofmaster (salesperson). The second phase of the lead
nurturing campaign starts 6 weeks after the Marketing Qualified Lead has
received an offer but has not yet converted and involves return path-enabled
SMS messages and emails. The third phase consists of automated direct
print mailings. The campaign has significantly increased lead conversion,
generated new sales and kept the CRM lead database up to date.

Chamberlain College of Nursing Best Lead Nurturing Program (2013)

The goal of Chamberlain College of Nursing’s inquiry nurture program was to deliver the most relevant information to our inquiries throughout the decision lifecycle.  This program does that, by integrating our content strategy with a detailed segmentation strategy that was designed to segment inquiries by inquiry source, degree program, level of engagement and web activity.  Within five months, we implemented four inquiry email programs that send emails from a pool of nearly 80 custom and dynamic HTML templates. This solution also features an appointment handling program and a program focused solely on segmentation.

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Optum Best Lead Nurturing Program (2013)

Less than a year after Optum launched its new accountable care solutions (ACS) product line, the Optum ACS sales team was suffering from bad lead fatigue. Optum’s ACS marketing team, which consisted of marketing operations and marketing communications professionals, knew they needed to gather more information about prospects to pre-qualify them before presenting them to sales. Using Eloqua’s lead nurturing functions, the marketing team launched Optum’s first-ever lead nurture campaign that provided valuable content to prospects who, through their online activity (clickthroughs, completed forms, etc.), demonstrated interest in Optum solutions. In doing so, the marketing team created a content marketing promotional machine that leveraged existing content to engage or re-engage existing contacts. The effects of the campaign were positive and immediate: they generated more and higher quality results than any other Optum ACS campaign, they earned the credibility of the sales team, and they introduced a new element to Optum’s marketing mix that is shifting the batch-and-blast mentality to a more integrated and strategic approach.

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Perceptive Software Best Lead Nurturing Program (2013)

With the universal goal to nurture pre-qualified leads and further build a quality sales pipeline, Perceptive Software marketing restructured and refreshed their Automated Educate Phase Campaign in May 2013. The program, tailored for the Interest stage of the buying cycle, capitalized on strategic improvements including: problem/solution focused messaging, dynamic email and landing page personalization and CRM integration for personal follow-up and lead workflow. Since the launch in May of this year, the program has garnered 143 attributed opportunities and 22 won opportunities for sales, in addition to the $6 million in total attributed pipeline revenue. The Automated Educate Phase Campaign has paved the way for subsequent automated programs for every stage of the sales pipeline.

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Rockwell Automation Best Lead Nurturing Program (2013)

Rockwell Automation has created and launched a Global campaign (running in all 4 Rockwell Automation regions: North America, South America, Latin America and Europe, Middle East and Africa) this year. The campaign, focused on one of its key business areas of Machine Safety, has both Outbound and Inbound component to it as well as an automated multi-,message customer nurture functionality. It is intended to help move existing customers and new prospects through a journey of discovery, consideration and decision with the aim to educate, support and sell Rockwell Automation Safety products, systems and services.

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ADP® Best Lead Nurturing Program (2012)

With significant results in revenue and net new sales opportunities, ADP proves that a well-planned nurturing program that leverages rigorous testing, the use of control groups as well as a phased approach with constant optimization can help turn  unwanted marketing leads into revenue dollars – even within a complex enterprise organization.

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DocuSign Best Lead Nurturing Program (2012)

DocuSign has created a sophisticated automated communications system with Eloqua that maps the buyer’s journey to the sales cycle.  Since implementing in January of this year (2012), we have over 30 nurture programs running simultaneously with a well-orchestrated hierarchy to enable a “market to one” experience for our prospects and customers.  We had the first two dozen programs up and running in the first quarter of implementation enabling us to blow out our Q1 revenue targets and reduce churn significantly.

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FIS Best Lead Nurturing Program (2012)

The goal of our Lead Nurturing process is to build relationships with qualified prospects, with the ultimate goal of earning their business when they are ready to engage, based upon their buying cycle and timeframe to buy. This submission outlines how we have built our Lead Nurture process to segment leads into the appropriate nurture program, based on the prospect’s score and “sales-ready” level. Results to Date: Our Mobile Nurture program exceeded the campaign response goal by 366 percent.

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Herzing University Best Lead Nurturing Program (2012)

We reactivated 59,000 dormant leads in April of 2011 via an Eloqua drip marketing email campaign and ended up with 118 students. The campaign was notable for its automation, taking the burden of following up with these cold leads off of overworked admissions advisors and call center staff.

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Avid Best Lead Nurturing Program (2011)

Avid’s nurture campaign for their flagship Audio editing software, Pro Tools 9, sought to significantly increase email engagement and immediate revenue. The campaign targeted musicians with unique messaging using targeted segmentation. This approach resulted in phenomenal results in both email engagement and ultimately with direct revenue. The campaign also leveraged the integration with Omniture to remarket products to prospects who abandoned products in their shopping cart to further capture revenue.

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GSMA Limited Best Lead Nurturing Program (2011)

The objective of this campaign was to drive incremental revenue growth from pass upgrade of EVP registrants to high value Silver, Gold or Platinum event passes. A multi-channel nurturing campaign consisting of email, SMS, onsite signage and onsite digital messaging was conducted for 6 weeks before and during the event. The campaign realized a 22 to 1 ROI and generated an incremental revenue of €834,406.00 for the event. The GSMA Marketing team is very fortunate to have Eloqua as campaign management system. We are not sure we could have achieved the same result without impacting other campaigns if we were using a system other than Eloqua.

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McAfee Best Lead Nurturing Program (2011)

McAfee’s North American marketing team was looking for ways to help contribute to the company’s year-end sales push. We needed an end of year boost of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) that we could send to Sales, so we started looking to our database for ways to generate some. We had over 14,000 leads from 2010 that didn’t score high enough to be sent to sales, and decided that a short quick hit nurturing program was the best way to re-engage these leads.  In less than six weeks we were able to turn 439 stale, unqualified contacts into fresh, qualified leads for Sales year-end push.

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Rally Software Best Lead Nurturing Program (2011)

By aligning sales and marketing, Rally Software has been able to automate, yet maintain the relevance of their communications to prospects and customers. They leveraged Eloqua and their CRM tool to enhance their sales team’s ability to efficiently communicate with and qualify prospects. Rally’s drip track programs have proven to help nurture leads until they are ready to become a true opportunity, leading to greater results for the sales team.

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