Best Lead Scoring Program

This award honors organizations that have driven improved sales targeting through automated lead scoring, resulting in increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, increased revenue, better sales and marketing alignment and other positive outcomes.

Avid Best Lead Scoring Program (2013)

As modern marketers, we at Avid know that no matter how good your lead scoring is, there is always room for improvement – and we know sales people would agree with that.

After continuous feedback from sales regarding the quality of leads and unclear scoring, we considered their feedback, evaluated the current lead scoring and the impact of current challenges, and implemented a round of improvements to lead scoring, routing and integration, designed to address each and every one of the impactful challenges.

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CSC Best Lead Scoring Program (2013)

Sales teams thrive on leads, but more than quantity, it is about quality, and interested and engaged clients and prospects that have a high likelihood to convert and translate into a sale and revenue. CSC’s sales team previously had little to no marketing generated leads. The marketing function was not connected to the sales teams in any way. The digital ecosystem we built at CSC allows for critical information regarding company size, industry and interests to be displayed to sales professionals within, providing them with a qualified lead pipeline.

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FIS Best Lead Scoring Program (2013)

At FIS, our goal is to generate and send only the right leads to Sales. To do so effectively, we have developed a three-layered model to scoring, including: (1) Lead Qualification/teleprospecting Scoring, (2) Eloqua Automated Contact-level Scoring and (3) Eloqua Automated Account-level Scoring, all of which work in harmony to help us send only quality leads to our Sales team. This year, we focused on adding account-based scoring to help determine the buying strength of the account and allow Sales to better identify key selling opportunities. Results include: Exceeded overall campaign response goal by 140 percent, almost doubled sales acceptance rate with 88% growth and increased 141% YOY in closed won (contract value) associated with a demand generation campaign.

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ReviMedia Best Lead Scoring Program (2013)

ReviMedia provides an innovative and advanced lead verification solution through its in-house developed tool QIQ. QIQ includes sophisticated algorithms to verify and score leads according to over 30 parameters. Thanks to QIQ, ReviMedia is able to offer its clients trustworthy, high-quality leads.

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FIS Best Lead Scoring Program (2012)

At FIS, our goal is to generate and send only the right leads to sales. Since implementing Eloqua over the last year, we developed a two layered approach to scoring. Each inquiry is scored within Eloqua in one of eight scoring models, and then routed to the appropriate nurture program. The highest scoring inquiries are sent to our lead qualification team. If the lead is “sales-ready,” the inquiry becomes a Demand Generation Accepted lead and is sent to sales for follow-up. Results so far – our new approach to scoring has doubled our sales acceptance rate!

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LinkedIn Best Lead Scoring Program (2012)

Most lead scoring systems have been used as a tool to help sales identify which leads they should follow up with by displaying an individual lead rating. But now, LinkedIn has pioneered an account-based scoring system that is giving sales further insight as to which accounts are more likely to become closed-won opportunities — therefore helping sales spend their time on the deals they are more likely to win. The account scoring system is so effective that it can indicate accounts that are up to three times more likely to close (than those with low interest scores).  Given LinkedIn’s explosive growth, finding effective ways to prioritize the efforts of its 1000+ person sales team is critical to success — and the account-based scoring system is paying off big-time.

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OpenText Best Lead Scoring Program (2012)

Our prior scoring model was insufficient.  It did not take into account recency of events or number of events.  It lacked data quality enhancement.  There was no way to ensure that we were meeting the Sirius Decisions Inquiry to MQL goal.

We solved this challenge by creating an entirely new mathematical model of how lead scoring would work! This system used non linear scoring, cloud connectors and statistics to determine what the best leads are.  It allowed us to easily change the amount/quality of leads as well as to ensure we are meeting the Sirius decisions MQL-Inquiry conversion percentage.

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STEMCELL Technologies Inc. Best Lead Scoring Program (2012)

Since the implementation of the Lead Scoring program, Sales at STEMCELL Technologies Inc. were able to drastically improve their efficiency by focusing their attention on leads highlighted to them to be at the correct stage of the buying cycle. Through Marketing’s constant alterations to the Lead Scoring Program, STEMCELL Technologies was able to capture and score the digital body language of their leads in regards to new marketing initiatives and allow for better alignment between Sales and Marketing departments.

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GAIN Capital Holdings, Inc. Best Lead Scoring Program (2011)

A huge volume of leads and no method for lead prioritization is sure to leave a lot of business on the table. At GAIN Capital, implementation of a careful lead scoring model coupled with a strong nurturing program led to a whopping 20% reduction in sales conversion costs with absolutely no overall decrease in conversion percentage. And in some of our lower performing regions, we saw up to a 15% increase in conversion. The relationship between Marketing and Sales at GAIN went from distant to a model of cooperation. And GAIN Capital customers are enjoying a better customer experience.

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JDSU Best Lead Scoring Program (2011)

Within the first 6 months of implementation, JDSU knew their lead scoring process could be drastically improved from their initial implementation assumptions. Sales were flooded with leads they didn’t want and Marketing couldn’t report on the effectiveness of lead generating programs. Through joint efforts, they not only improved their lead scoring program but also improved their whole lead process.

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STEMCELL Technologies Inc. Best Lead Scoring Program (2011)

Since we started using lead scoring, and after making our final changes to the program on May 10, we have noticed that sales has been achieving much larger levels of efficiency by focusing only on highly qualified leads. This has led them to be able to close more opportunities by following up with less potential customers.

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Taleo (now: Oracle Taleo Cloud Service) Best Lead Scoring Program (2011)

Lead Scoring is at the center of all of our Demand Generation processes – it is the most important part of our Marketing infrastructure.  Without it, we would not be as effective, efficient or successful in our Demand Generation efforts as we have been, nor would we have the visibility and intelligence that we have in all stages of our funnel.  More MQLs!

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