Best Social Campaign

For finalists in this category, Social Media is more than just a buzz word. Winners of this award have found creative ways to utilize both new and traditional social mediums in order to build sustained dialogs with customers and prospects, and have seized the opportunities available through social media to generate proven results.

FamilyShareNetwork / Deseret Digital – Best Social Campaign (2016)

FamilyShareNetwork has created an impressive social media following of over 100 million Facebook followers in only six years.  They manage over 80 social channels and have over 2.3 billion social impressions monthly. They have been successful in social media by creating content that is strategically targeted to focus on families. Through social listening FamilyShareNetwork created a space that bridges the gap between what consumers want to read and brands want to say.

Mack Trucks – Best Social Campaign (2016)

Big M Transportation, a long-term Mack Trucks customer, volunteered an incredible customer success story about their huge fuel cost savings due to using mDRIVE transmissions in their fleet of Mack trucks. Since switching from 10-speed manual trucks to trucks with the mDRIVE automated transmission, Big M has saved over $3 million in fuel costs annually. Their testimony was so compelling and consequently timed close to the release of the new mDRIVE HD transmission, the decision was made to create a social media campaign around their use case. Mack Trucks used their integration with Oracle SRM and Eloqua allowing them to create a targeted campaign that involved both social media and email marketing. The campaign resulted in 38 sales leads, 5,198 views of Big M’s video testimony, over 4,000 opened emails, and well over 50,000 reached on various social channels.

Mack Trucks – Best Social Campaign (2016)

The BornReady campaign was built around “The Horn” video, which shared the journey of a young man growing up with Mack and the connection that continued through every stage of life. This young man shared a nostalgic recollection of his first encounter with Mack by way of Mack truck driver obliging his request to “hunk” (honk) the horn as a child. The campaign encouraged viewers to share their own Mack Truck memory through various social media channels. The Horn became a viral video garnering over 1.2 million views on Facebook and 121,249 views and counting on YouTube. Over a million people viewed social posts around the campaign; 34,000 plus engaged by liking, sharing or commenting, and 50 people submitted their own Mack memory to the Mack Tumblr page.

Thomson Reuters – Best Social Campaign (2016)

This social campaign for Quickfinder, a tax reference guide for professional tax preparers, took a common customer pain point and gave it a fun and interactive spin. Our objective was to develop a persona-driven campaign that generated awareness and goodwill for the Quickfinder brand by using relatable and humorous creative and messaging while also reinforcing ongoing Quickfinder email and SEM activities to help meet our e-commerce revenue targets. Response to date has far exceeded expectations, with close to 17,000 social actions on Facebook (including likes, comments, clicks, photo views and shares) from nearly 14,000 unique responders. We generated 1M+ impressions to 108K users and saw an overall engagement rate of 12.6% (unique responders/reach). We also saw a 17% lift in year-over-year e-commerce revenue in the months we ran the campaign.

Time Warner Cable Business Class – Best Social Campaign (2016)

Connecting with the right event at the right time can be a powerful way for a company to drive social engagement. Time Warner Cable Business Class saw the value firsthand when we created a social media campaign to coincide with National Small Business Week. The campaign provided an opportunity for our social marketing team to connect with prospective clients, spotlight the company’s small business customers, and drive engagement during the week-long event that targeted one of our core client bases: small business owners.

Amadeus – Best Social Campaign (2015)

In order to break the traditional B2B social culture, Amadeus decided to loosen the didactic corporate tie in favor of a more authentic and engaging approach. Using video, a fresh tone of voice, original content and a focus on connections, they told the Amadeus story through the eyes of  employees and the success of their customers. They put the Amadeus people and customers front and center, revealing their skills, personality, corporate social responsibility projects, how they work industry events, and where they travel for leisure. Rather than talking at their audience, they found ways to engage the audience by bringing them into the conversation. These social campaigns have effectively helped Amadeus inspire, engage and connect with customers, prospects, employees, industry partners and travel technology leaders. Humanizing the brand through social helped develop those relationships within the sphere of travel and technology and showcase the Amadeus brand’s trustworthiness and expertise.

LifeSize – Best Social Campaign (2015)

Over the past year, LifeSize has undergone a massive transformation from a hardware-centric organization to a SAAS company with a rapidly growing target audience. Alongside the product launch, LifeSize’s marketing department rejuvenated an 11-year old brand to reach an entirely new audience; all while keeping its current audience engaged. LifeSize collaborated with YouTube sensations Trip and Tyler to deliver humorous content and introduce the new company to clients and prospects, grabbing the attention of more than 600,000 end users who engaged with the brand and downloaded the video. Cumulatively, the 4 videos received 1,081,841 views, 56,823 click-throughs, 718 conversations, 8,443 likes and more than 3.5 million minutes watched.

Metia / Microsoft – Best Social Campaign (2015)

The Microsoft in Health program covers 74 markets and needed to scale its content for global reach to create a deeper connection with the international healthcare community. Microsoft In Health teamed with Metia to build an engaging and effective program that scales globally, and delivers information about key issues in as close to real time as possible. Metia was to design and execute a social strategy to build strong, meaningful, connections with Microsoft in Health target communities.

Micro Focus – Best Social Campaign (2015)

Micro Focus needed to tackle the ongoing negative perception of COBOL as being an outdated business programming language. By increasing brand awareness and changing the overriding sentiment around COBOL through its Social Media #COBOLrocks campaign, Micro Focus continues to drive a positive change in perception of COBOL, has added 21 participating universities to its Academic Program and has put its new educational product in the hands of over 2k students globally. Through its Social Media campaign, Micro Focus has also managed to bring together many of its target audience segments onto one or two channels to harvest a thriving and vibrant COBOL community that often self serves to support the perception change objective. Secondarily, the expanse of this Social Media campaign has reached previously unengaged internal departments to provide new ‘Social Media Soldiers’ to facilitate continuing conversations. Finally, by choosing Social Media as a B2B marketing channel, this has itself driven a positive perception change of Micro Focus as a modern and current business for COBOL customers.

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties – Best Social Campaign (2014)

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties wanted to increase its Facebook audience and engage endodontic residents in U.S. and Canadian dental schools with one of our products, GuttaCore® obturators. A cross-company team developed a contest– the GuttaCore University Challenge— that was hosted entirely on Facebook reliant upon an Eloqua form and supported by Eloqua nurture paths/23 emails. The results were phenomenal: a 75% increase in Facebook followers; a
650% increase in the number of schools using GuttaCore; a 9162% increase in reach on Facebook, a 5647% increase in likes and post clicks on Facebook, and an energized company that believes in the power of social media and Eloqua—all in just three months. We also acquired hundreds of strong new leads, 75 positive testimonials about GuttaCore, and rich content for our Eloqua content marketing platform. We are a medical manufacturer in a heavily regulated industry, but with Eloqua and the GuttaCore University Challenge, we’ve become a company whose base is science, but whose strategy has burst with the science of social engagement coupled with nurture paths and lead scoring.

LeapFrog – Best Social Campaign (2014)

Bringing Back a Popular, Beloved Product Based on Superfan Feedback

LeapFrog has a passionate community of “superfans” that are engaged on an ongoing basis through multiple social networks, especially Facebook. LeapFrog not only engages with its fans, but leverages fan feedback to inform product development. After LeapFrog discontinued a popular toy called “Fridge Phonics,” a magnetic letter set, the company receive a lot of social feedback that the community wanted to be able to buy it. Based on the feedback and demand from fans, LeapFrog’s product team reintroduced the product and won rave reviews from fans. The community was thrilled by LeapFrog listening and being able to buy “Fridge Phonics” again.

Marriott Rewards – Best Social Campaign (2014)

The 30 Beds In 30 Days sweepstakes was the second annual Facebook promotion in which Marriott Rewards gave away 30 Marriott Beds to 30 Facebook fans in 30 days. The sweepstakes was hosted on a Facebook enabled microsite, which was responsively designed for desktop, mobile and tablet users; it also lived on the Marriott Rewards Facebook page as a tab. As with the 2012 sweepstakes, the sweepstakes was co-sponsored by partners and the Marriott Rewards Credit Card by Chase. The 2013 30 Beds in 30 Days sweepstakes surpassed the results of the 2012 campaign in virtually every way, including Facebook fan acquisition, Rewards program enrollments, and traffic to our partners websites ( and the Marriott Rewards Credit Card by Chase).

Marriott Rewards partnered with Revelry Agency to execute the 2nd annual 30 Beds in 30 Days sweepstakes, which ran from 10/22/2013 to 11/20/2013.

Micro Focus – Best Social Campaign (2014)

The objective of this campaign was to maximize the opportunity this industry milestone would present to raise the awareness of Micro Focus, as a key stakeholder in the IBM mainframe community.

Ensuring we had content that was relevant, informative and entertaining “infotainment”, in formats which best supported the channels selected was a fundamental ingredient. However, engagement from the community to share their contributions (eg experiences, photos, stories, successes, memorable moments) was key to the success.

a2z, Inc. Best Social Campaign (2013)

Launched in December 2012, a2z’s one-of-a-kind experiential social marketing ChirpE Photo Booth solution has already been leveraged by a number of top trade show organizers in North America to collect thousands of photo-based testimonials and to engage their audiences on Facebook and Twitter, including:

  • American Society of Association Executives for the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo 2013
  • International Association of Exhibitions and Events for the IAEE Mid Year Meeting 2013
  • Institute of Food Technologists for IFT 2013
  • National Automobile Dealers Association for the 2013 NADA Convention & Expo

Photos taken with this solution were posted from the show floor directly to each participating brand’s Facebook Page album and Twitter feed (with the event’s custom hashtags) in real-time as well to the user’s own social media profiles (an optional feature). Each photo prominently displays the event’s logo as well as the sponsor’s logo giving ample visibility to both brands online. Users are encouraged to opt to receive the link to their photo via email and share with their peers thus extending the brands’ viral reach further.

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DocuSign Best Social Campaign (2013)

DocuSign in partnership with Twitter launched a promoted tweet program that turned into a B2B lead generation and brand extension success on mobile-optimized Eloqua landing pages.  Through a heavy competitive and partner play, DocuSign was able to generate net new business within weeks of launching, exceeding expectations by 5x.  DocuSign expanded our social reach, drove measurable results and revenue, and had fun.

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The Thomas Collective Best Social Campaign (2013)

People like to share jokes, recipes and animal photos with their friends.

But what if you had to build a social media campaign around the pain of urinary tract infections?

That’s what AZO, an over-the-counter solution for UTI pain, did.

  • They created AZO Girl to reach the twenty-something savvy female. An irreverent, funny and  friendly superhero who—in-between Happy Hours with her girls— comes to the aid of women being held hostage by UTI pain, to ensure that they never miss a beat.
  • The campaign increased Facebook fans over 650% and saw the Daily Engaged Users grow to over 2,000%.
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Twitter Best Social Campaign (2013)

Last December, instead of sending a generic email wishing our customers “Happy holidays” we decided to do something different – something that really made an impact not just on our customers but on the greater community. During our campaign, for every Tweet containing the hashtag #Tweet4Good, Twitter donated $1 in Twitter Ads to the @RedCross to aid their crisis relief efforts (total of $20,000). Within 1 week, we launched an Eloqua landing page that dynamically pulled in our progress towards the goal and populated the avatars of the people tweeting with the hashtag in real time, launched a global email to current advertisers and posted about the campaign on our blog. With the viral nature of the Twitter platform and the flexibility of the Eloqua platform, our campaign took off – we reached our goal of 20,000 tweets within 9 days of launch! Our holiday campaign was a success; a huge hit amongst our customers and a way we could give back during the holiday season.

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Avalara Social Media Innovation (2012)

Avalara’s Sage Summit Social Media Campaign harnessed social media to promote an Avalara-sponsored after party, Margaritaville, and increase awareness of our brand among Sage Summit attendees. Avalara accomplished this using LinkedIn and Eloqua e-mails to more than double registration for Margaritaville, and Twitter and Storify to dramatically increase Avalara blog traffic and social media engagement.

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Avid Social Media Innovation (2012)

To implement this unique social media campaign, Avid marketing team used a combination of advanced Eloqua capabilities as well as multiple external tools. Eloqua advanced logic filters, Program Builder with activity-based decision rules, Eloqua-hosted form with embedded videos, social media sharing via email, tracking with Eloqua, Omniture SiteCatalyst and; Wildfire app, Facebook, YouTube and Brightcove technologies were utilized… just to name a few. The campaign featured Michael Price, an award-winning composer (Sherlock, 7Lives, A Fantastic Fear of Everything), who answered questions submitted via multiple social media channels by students and educators, in a series of 5 videos posted and promoted via social media as well. The campaign engaged hundreds of students all over the world, inspired educators, generated great awareness and a positive ROI.

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Infoblox Social Media Innovation (2012)

We used 5 different apps from Eloqua’s AppCloud store in a campaign giveaway of 5000 ‘IPv6 for Dummies’ e-books and a secondary promotion that drove 10% of attendees to our event and created new opportunities.  It was our first venture ‘beyond the email address’, using Social Media (Twitter Handle) as our primary ID, and as a different way to communicate with new potential customers.

Via Google Adwords we offered a chance to win our e-book if you followed us on Twitter.  Entry was via the Twitter Sign On button, followed by a confirmation page promoting the online IPv6 event.  The winner each day was the one with the highest Klout Score and, more often than not, Tweeted the promotion to their followers, thereby increasing the scope of the campaign via Twitter.

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LifeSize Social Media Innovation (2012)

The K-12 market is a hot one for LifeSize. Educators across the United States are hungry for new technology to improve student learning and video conferencing is no exception. Our Global Social Media Manager, Cari Zoch, along with Cathryn Smalley, our Global Email Marketing Manager, Cindy Joffrion, from our Grant Services department, created a social media and demand generation campaign called the “LifeSize Virtual Field Trip Extravaganza Series: New Adventures with HD Video” that was promoted in social media and through Eloqua that resulted in new sales opportunities and positive contributions to our revenue pipeline.   The campaign involved hosting virtual field trip providers, offering schools a way to call in and interact, and live streaming the entire event so that schools without equipment could participate.  What started as a 1 day event has turned into a year-long series, which we hope to continue for years to come.

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Cvent Social Media Innovation (2011)

Cvent has taken social media to the next level to act as not just a content distribution platform and engagement channel to drive brand awareness for the company, but also as a source of sales leads for the company. By researching targeted keywords on LinkedIn discussion groups, Twitter, Facebook pages, Quora and other platforms, Cvent “Social Media Ambassadors” across the sales department identify and respond to leads and share links to content on Cvent’s blogs/website. By tracking visitors to the blog that originate from these sources and measuring how those visitors convert through Eloqua forms and promotional offers, Cvent is able to use it social media program to drive quantifiable results such as webinar signups, content downloads and eventual sales back to its social media endeavors, thus finally answering the age-old question – “What is the ROI on social media?”

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Ericsson Social Media Innovation (2011)

Ericsson’s 2020 Shaping Ideas project consisted of a series of 20 video interviews from scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and industry leaders from all around the globe, with ideas focusing on a broad range of subjects from globalization, the environment, connectivity, and education, to the economy. The interviews were packaged into 3-minute documentary style videos made available to everyone under a Creative Commons license through various forms of downloading and streaming services, free of charge and free to be viewed and shared. By directly engaging with its consumers through social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Ericsson was able to explore what society wants from communications in 2020, to continue to provide its consumers with compelling services. Today, the project has had a global reach, launching in 182 countries on 6 continents – including the US, the UK, Sweden, India and Brazil – and more than 1 million people have viewed the videos on the Ericsson Multimedia channel on YouTube. Thousands of “tweets” have recorded both admiration and discussion of the views, and the series has also gained great interest in the blogosphere, including features in renowned blogs such as the Huffington Post, Brainpickings and Fastcompany.

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OpenText Social Media Innovation (2011)

We’ve created a social framework, together with a partner, Demodia, to display all campaign assets – be they PDFs, Video or PowerPoint presentations, within the context of the campaign and yet in an interactive fashion. Assets appear within a page that also includes the ability to share (via Twitter, Facebook or email – yes we do include other social channels!), to rate the content, to comment on it, and to see other relevant content in context of the campaign. The framework also includes a Twitter stream customized to the campaign topic. The entire framework is integrated to an Eloqua form, so that results can be fed into our lead scoring program. This provides us with greater control over our campaign assets – and makes the content more interactive and engaging for prospects.

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Sage Social Media Innovation (2011)

From Zero to Hero in Social Media is really a fast-track adoption of taking an enterprise completely new to social media and engaging a strategy to take it to the top among competitors.  More importantly, Sage Abra is using social media channels for what these channels do best – leveraging meaningful content to create influence, and to use the multiplier effects of influencers, to establish a relevant brand presence that sets the stage for pertinent dialogue and interaction with prospects and customers.  We now have an organization that has integrated social media into the business-to-business communications mix, not just by “doing” social media, but focusing on measuring the right audience and activities that we believe will set the stage for future return on investment.

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