Content is King

Drawing in prospects with engaging content is an important piece of Modern Marketing. Finalists in this category use content to convert prospects, sustain customers, and impact revenue, and have a holistic, team-wide approach to content marketing that sets them apart from their competitors.

inContact Content is King (2013)

We knew we wanted to focus a strategic effort toward two broad goals: Delivering high-value, marketing-qualified leads to our sales organization; and fostering customized, meaningful dialogue with prospects, based on their respective roles. So, we set about creating an industry assessment tool that derived from messages targeted to our buyer personas (Contact Center Manager, VP of Customer Experience, IT Manager, etc.). Because this process also involved integrating these buyer messages, we were able to customize the assessment tool to each role. Built entirely in Eloqua, the Benchmark Assessment is a user-friendly, web-based tool that enables prospects themselves to measure their business performance against industry standards and receive concrete analyst recommendations, customized by persona. This program is now the cornerstone of our integrated, demand marketing efforts that encompass a wide range of tactics: pay-per-click landing pages, social media advertising, print and online ads on industry websites, email campaigns, field marketing events, including tradeshow and event support, and webinars anchored with clear calls to action.

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Intermec Content is King (2013)

Intermec’s Accounts Based Marketing (ABM) Program has been focused on targeting top accounts in the various supply chain industries that Intermec plays in, i.e. distribution centers, and transportation & logistics. It’s an audience that contains about 10% of the Eloqua database, but they are associated with much larger sales opportunities, hence the ROI prospects are much bigger than our standard e-marketing. The campaign was initially piloted in North-America in January 2013 and has now been rolled out to EMEA as well, with other international markets to follow in Q3-4. Given that this is a high-profile audience, mixing up the right content stream was very important for e-mail performance and general awareness creation. We first built a set of user profiles for each deployment environments and then built a set of industry specific content published in a 1-2 week frequency that includes special peer research and surveys, whitepapers, case studies, industry news briefs and insights, engagement/appointment pitches and special event invitations. All this content was defined to not interfere with current or new sales opportunities. Sales leadership loves this ABM program!

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LifeSize, a division of Logitech Content is King (2013)

LifeSize was about to embark on a massive new project to rebuild the global corporate website in nine languages. Megan Lueders, vice president of global marketing, was the executive sponsor of the new website and saw a perfect opportunity to develop a modern content strategy. The strategy included a number of carefully-executed tactics including: building buyer personas, conducting a content audit and gap analysis, creating a content project matrix and scoring formula to determine which content would have the biggest impact on the business, determining what resources were needed and building a timeline to complete each content project. Since implementing buyer personas and content strategy, LifeSize increased its conversion rates from 24 percent to 30 percent (a 25 percent  increase Year over Year in America) and generated a large pipeline for Sales.

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PBS Content is King (2013)

PBS launched its national online fundraising initiative in late 2011 to prospect leads on (and beyond) to help its more than 350 local PBS stations with their individual online fundraising efforts. The first step was to build an email list from scratch and, then from that list, begin building out robust individual contact records matched to local PBS stations. To do that, the team set out to create numerous interactive diagnostic quizzes (20+) tied to PBS programming to engage consumers while capturing core lead demographic information (email, first/last names, local PBS station affinity, etc.) as part of the interactive quiz content experience. While some of the thematic quizzes tied directly to key PBS programs like Downton Abbey, e.g., “Inside Highclere Castle” or “Explore the Grounds of Highclere Castle”, others explored interest areas like science and nature, e.g., “Incredible Natural Wonders”, to reach like-minded individuals. The quizzes have become a key tactic to acquire leads and extract more demographic and psychographic information from its list of now over 1MM+ prospects which ultimately is then shared with local stations to cultivate into long-term donors.

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