European Event Nirvana

Events are a critical lead generation tactic for most marketers, but more often than not, events run marketers instead of the other way around. Not so for nominees for this award, who have significantly automated their event communications programme to squeeze every opportunity out of tradeshows, conferences, online and field events. Show us how you’ve increased event efficiency, maximised attendance, and boosted conversion to opportunities to win a Markie. Primary judging criteria: increased efficiencies, response rates, and business impact.

Moog Industrial Group European Event Nirvana (2013)

The SPS/IPC Drives Exhibition is very important to Moog, because is the trade show for us to be face to face with our clients and offers us the opportunity to touch base with those people who are generally interested in this market, but we also have the possibility to talk to the fact to partners, customers, vendors and applicants which is very exciting. With this project based on Eloqua, we achieved not just to automate and enhance our event management process but also to align more marketing with sales and increase our business impact.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific European Event Nirvana (2013)

Prior to Eloqua and the AppCloud for Adobe Connect, customer facing product webinars were conducted using five separate software applications. This method caused frequent errors and was complicated, laborious, and extremely inefficient. With the advent of Eloqua and its AppCloud for Adobe® Connect®, webinar campaign deployment and management are fully automated including all aspects of the notification, registration, and follow-up processes. Building the webinar assets and “programming” the Campaign Canvass (E10) has significantly reduced development time, reduced errors, and enhanced staff productivity. With the implementation of automation through Eloqua and the AppCloud for Adobe Connect, webinars have become the largest source of sales qualified (sales-ready) leads for our division.

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VMware European Event Nirvana (2013)

VMware is charged with the management of a 25 session Summer School event series run by their Netherlands team each summer over a 4 week period where delegates can register for multiple events. There were numerous challenges involved in the event management requirement including: contacts changing or cancelling registrations for several sessions; contacts having to fill in forms every time they wanted to amend/register for each session; Maximum number of registrations set on each session, with waitlists for pending contacts; Webpage to monitor the number of registrations, showing a live, actual number so delegates could see if there were spaces available at their preferred events; Event manager wanted an all in one report to oversee exact numbers of registrants (with cancellations/duplications). VMware worked with MarketOne to create a solution using the following components within Eloqua: contact, multi-session event, data card set, forms, contact groups, data lookups, and reporting dashboard. As a result, they were able to monitor the event with ease, users had a much smoother journey throughout the registration process, and attendee rate was increased by 25% from the previous year’s event. Due to the success of the solution, VMware will be using the same process for their 2013 Summer School event series.

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