European Rookie of the Year

Building a high performance revenue engine is not always easy. For most organisations, it can take time to master the intricate blend of messaging, segmentation, data, organisational alignment and other disciplines. The European Rookie of the Year award honours European companies that have been fast starters with superb planning, execution and automation.

PayPal European Rookie of the Year (2013)

Eloqua went live in PayPal in September 2012, with marketing campaigns that followed very closely after that. Within 6 months, PayPal launched over 20 B2B campaigns using Eloqua, including some very complex campaigns. In a project that started from the UK, it’s now been expanded to include Europe, Australia and Asia-Pacific. We are very proud of our achievements in such a short time.

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Ruukki European Rookie of the Year (2013)

We started implementing Eloqua with the help of Eloqua partner ID BBN. Within the first three months from Eloqua set-up we were able to triple the number of leads generated, launch hugely successful awareness and nurturing campaigns and create buzz in new markets.

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Royal Philips Electronics European Rookie of the Year (2013)

Philips Consumer Lifestyle, as part of Royal Philips Electronics, recognizes the value of CRM, and has a multi-year CRM B2C strategy in place to fully capitalize on this. This strategy moves Philips CRM capabilities from basic email marketing to differentiated and consistent multi-channel experiences with the support Eloqua. In 2012 the program was started with proof of concept to assess which value Marketing automation can bring to Philips. This proof of concept was very successful and resulted in the approval of a global roll-out to 40+ countries by the executive committee.

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Aon Hewitt European Rookie of the Year (2012)

Aon Hewitt is off to a flying start with Eloqua.  So much has already been achieved in just 6 months. Within the next 6 months, the automation we can achieve will leave us with time on our hands – time to spend on developing a lean, mean, lead generating machine.

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Swiss Post Solutions European Rookie of the Year (2012)

The project of rolling out Marketing Automation globally has challenged our go-to-market approach. We’ve spent time designing a Demand Creation Framework, starting with inbound marketing and ending with sales enablement. In the process we’ve redefined our buyer personas, revisited our content marketing strategy and have moved away from one-off branding campaigns to very segmented dialog-driven nurture programmes. We’re at the beginning of our journey, but we’re taking quick steps. We’re optimising the process and looking ahead. Our goal is for marketing to drive the sales pipeline. This is just the beginning.

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Telligent European Rookie of the Year (2012)

Although our organisation was not new to Eloqua, our current marketing team was.  We had no trained resources on Eloqua Team and we were challenged to move fast to a comprehensive demand generation program that combined new processes, content marketing and automation.   How?  We upgraded from Eloqua Express to Team and from Eloqua9 to Eloqua10, implemented closed loop reporting, cloud adapters, event management, data cleansing programs and new campaigns.

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