Extraordinary Email

Yes, email can be extraordinary. In fact, there are some email communications that are so well written, so masterfully designed, that it's only a question of when people will respond, not if. Achieving extraordinary response rates isn't luck – it's the result of great targeting, content, personalization and timing.

AirWatch by VMware – Extraordinary Email (2015)

Newsletters don’t often get center stage because they can be lengthy and boring. But this one packs a punch with clean design, brevity and tons of useful content, sent at the right time to the right audience. Combining a monthly customer newsletter and a user conference wrap up email, AirWatch created a “Special Edition Newsletter” that was sent within 48hrs after the event, generating impressive email statistics and AirWatch Blog traffic, all helping them maintain our relationships with customers.

B&Q – Extraordinary Email (2015)

B&Q is entering the carousel kinetic email for the Extraordinary Email Category of the Markies. The kinetic module featured in the award is an industry first in email marketing and encourages in-email engagement, rather than click-throughs to the website. Benchmarked against a previous kinetic module email campaign, the carousel encouraged customers to spend more time in-email, with read rates increasing by 41%.

Telstra – Extraordinary Email (2015)

Keeping In Touch® (KIT) is Telstra’s flagship monthly consumer email newsletter. The KIT October newsletter showcases Telstra’s new approach to deliver personalised content to its customers in a new, vibrant and dynamic email design that is visually striking and highly engaging. With this newsletter, Telstra strives to serve and know its customers better than anyone else – offering a choice of not just digital connection, but digital content as well.

KIT is beautifully designed and successfully delivers engaging content to 3M individuals with very different product characteristics, consumer interests and user behaviors. It creatively & strategically presents content that matters to its customers and in doing so has achieved a 14% uplift in customer engagement, a 16.8% uplift in new incremental services in operation (SIO) and a 21.5% uplift in incremental revenue based on month-on-month results.

Twitter – Extraordinary Email (2015)

This was a survey email targeted at current customers in order to understand what challenges they are facing and how our marketing team can help address them. The results and insights that we garnered from this simple yet effective email allowed our marketing team to tailor their marketing plan for 2015 based on actual advertiser feedback. It allowed us to go right to the source to identify any challenges and give our customers a voice in terms of the best means to address these challenges.

B&Q – Extraordinary Email (2014)

Working with Oracle Responsys, B&Q launched the first ‘Kinetic’ email in the UK. This is a next generation email experience designed for a growing mobile (smartphone and tablet) audience, innovated by Oracle Responsys, and takes email interaction to the next level. The ‘Kinetic’ email allows recipients to tap on the interactive module to show additional content and saves the recipient time compared to lengthy emails. It allows content to be seen in the quickest time possible to generate engagement.

Infineon – Extraordinary Email (2014)

Our goal was to engage engineers and inspire them to use Infineon’s leading technology when turning their ideas into the world’s most innovative products. We created a fun online quiz game that combined three things: the familiar Christmas calendar mechanism, Infineon solutions and the technical know-how of our target group‘s daily working environment.

For 24 days, we surprised engineers each day with one email leading to our online calendar, where they could answer a difficult question and get the chance to win an exciting prize. Our first email achieved an amazing 61% open rate and 59% click-through rate – which was also the first email after the implementation of Eloqua – showing us how extraordinary modern marketing could be. It was a win-win situation for both: entertainment for engineers, new leads and high audience involvement for Infineon.

Perceptive Software – Extraordinary Email (2014)

Perceptive Software holds an annual conference for customers, partners and associates each year that provides education, networking and inspiration for the attendees. To showcase the benefits and energy of the Inspire conference a promotional video was created on site at the 2013 event. To promote this new video and get customers, and more specifically past attendees, excited about the upcoming show in Las Vegas the Inspire team used an email campaign to introduce recipients to the new video. The email was also the first distribution of a specially designed template that included additional event branding and information. As a result 74% of the over 1,500 recipients opened the email with 7.67% of them clicking through to view. Registration opened a few months later and in 2014 we had the highest return rate of past attendees we have seen in all eight years of the conference.

Telefónica Deutschland – Extraordinary Email (2014)

Balluff Extraordinary Email (2013)

We wanted to draw attention to an upcoming tradeshow so we used humor, personalization, and a little creative wording to stir a response. After reading an Eloqua blog post on using field merges in subject lines, I was inspired to try something new and see if our audience would respond. Since we don’t have a functioning CRM system, this was the first email where our sales team called and forwarded responses about having several meetings scheduled with prospects, all from this invitation – it worked.

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Dell Inc. Extraordinary Email (2013)

As customer behavior continues to evolve, along with their technology options, marketers must ensure all communications are relevant and consumable across multiple platforms and devices. With approximately 48% of all B2B email opens happening on mobile devices, Dell designed these extraordinary emails with this in mind. In addition, with the proliferation of emails in consumer’s inboxes and the increase of products in the Dell portfolio, it was essential to have a process in place for emails to hold relevant copy, images, headlines, and CTAs for improved engagement and customer experience.   Finally, the solution required flexibility to respond real time to customer behavior while ensuring the message would not be lost no matter the device.  In order to accomplish this, Dell integrated Shutterfly and Eloqua for modular content while updating all wireframes to follow HTML industry best practices for responsive design.

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RedEye International Extraordinary Email (2013)

In order to build rapport with customers and increase the number of customers purchasing ‘flight extras’ after making an online booking, Monarch Airlines created a highly targeted nurture programme. The first email in the programme was sent 24 hours after booking. Dynamic content was used in the subject line (enabling the subject line to feature the the exact location the user had booked a flight too) and all content in the email was dynamically generated based on the upsell extras that would be most relevant to the user based on customer profile and online activity.

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Trelleborg Marine Systems Extraordinary Email (2013)

Trelleborg Marine Systems (TMS) is a world leading manufacturer of fender systems and docking and mooring solutions for port and terminal civil engineering infrastructure projects. This email formed the first touch within the ‘Product Nurture’ campaign flow – a nurture campaign triggered automatically to highly qualified leads with the objective of positioning Trelleborg as the expert on the issue of rubber quality and its impact on fender performance, and generating project opportunities. A CTR of over 38% and a form conversion rate of 87% demonstrate that the content within the email was perfectly targeted to the audience’s needs at their specific stage of the buyer journey, and marks a significant uplift in engagement with Trelleborg’s email campaigns.

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Digital Benefit Advisors, a division of Digital Insurance Extraordinary Email (2012)

In response to the recent U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on health care reform – and as the nation’s largest employee benefits-only agency – Digital Benefit Advisors, a division of Digital Insurance, felt compelled to get a “So Now What?” e-mail message out to its Enterprise (largest) clients quickly. The e-mail was a huge success, with a 100 percent open rate, and certainly hit the nail on the head.

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GovDelivery Extraordinary Email (2012)

This campaign epitomizes the success you can achieve when the right email message coupled with a relevant offer, sent at the right time, to a targeted audience, can radically improve your yearly sales pipeline. When a single email can source over $1 million in pipeline value, equaling 32% of the yearly pipeline, you know you have a winner on your hands!

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Regis University’s College for Professional Studies Extraordinary Email (2012)

With a primary goal to garner quality leads and inquiries into Regis University’s College for Professional Studies, we developed this email introduction for vendor-generated leads to have the opportunity to double opt-in to our communications. This email serves two benefits – it allows us to responsibly manage our lead list communicating that CPS respects prospects’ privacy, and it also serves as a personalized introduction to the school, initiating a more individual relationship with the prospective student. This email has been successful in helping us to scrub unworkable/uninterested vendor leads from our CRM, thus improving the quality of our list and increasing response to the lead nurturing email campaign communications that follow this email introduction.

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Treasury Wine Estates Extraordinary Email (2012)

A global company offering 52 brands of wine to consumers through a variety of channels, Treasury Wine Estates Direct to Consumer division neared year-end closing in June 2012 with a revenue gap.  Time was short, but brainstorming yielded the idea of offering an optional wine club shipment to customers who didn’t have a scheduled June shipment. As all customer information was already in the system, the only requirement was an email that would allow club members to opt in with just a click. This one email across six brands was an extraordinary success.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Extraordinary Email (2011)

The Cleveland Cavaliers created an extraordinary automated email awareness campaign produced to send a targeted email to customers based on their expressed interest. Utilizing the data tracking capabilities of Eloqua, the organization was able to place content tags on specific web pages, monitor customer interaction on the page, and instantly follow up with targeted communication. This targeted automated system resulted in significant increases in email open and click through rates and revealed a new, more effective way for the Cavs to communicate with their customers.

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Eaton Extraordinary Email (2011)

With their Power Quality Products, Services, and News e-mail, Eaton proved that layout can significantly impact the performance of emails.  Just a few tweaks in layout and design can increase email stats and establish a foundation to communicate with your audience more efficiently promoting engagement and ultimately increased revenue. This email series impacted how Eaton related to its customers by presenting a wealth of information in a way that was efficient while also driving results.

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Shoretel Extraordinary Email (2011)

ShoreTel launched an email campaign to its prospect database merely hours after Shoretel customer the San Francisco Giants won the World Series in November 2010. ShoreTel had the foresight to develop a number of marketing assets including video testimonials with the Giants’ CIO, case studies, independent customer viewpoint researches. With the Giants winning the World Series, ShoreTel could quickly launch an email campaign that leveraged this rich content library and presented a compelling reason to prospects to consider ShoreTel for their Unified Communications needs. This email was a great example of real‐time marketing that takes advantage of a unique marketing opportunity that presented itself.

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STRATFOR Extraordinary Email (2011)

We offer a highly unique product, and it is difficult to describe our value in the 8 seconds a user is likely to spend on an email. An effective way for us to convert free subscribers is to provide a low-barrier entry price, and invite them to see for themselves the value of our product. The success of this particular email campaign came from its clean design, attractive offer, inviting copy, and the fact that it was the right message at the right time. As a result, it increased our sales by 397% as compared to our previous four-week average.

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