Fresh Start

This category showcases companies that have made the switch to Eloqua from a previous marketing platform and have dazzled us with strong business results. They’re not only better, faster and stronger because of their fresh start, but have made measurable gains and business impact from their technology investment.

Armanino LLP Fresh Start (2013)

Marketing at Armanino reflects the values that our firm brings to each one of our clients, which means we have based our entire strategy around education and thought-leadership instead of sales messages and the hard sell. By choosing this direction, we needed sophisticated technology tools to meet the ever-growing demand that content generation brings. One of the most vital tools we implemented to meet this demand was Eloqua, which has literally transformed our marketing department. Since its inception, we have rallied around this tool and created an environment that operates off Eloqua’s strengths and it’s difficult to imagine our department without it now.

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Chicago Bears Football Club Fresh Start (2013)

The Chicago Bears immediately demonstrated results once Eloqua was implemented and continue to do so as the organization centralized its communications to key stakeholders through the platform. In a short period of time, the Bears have engaged and increased its database through new experiential sweepstakes and personalized messages, increased retail sales through an automated nurturing campaign and provided value to corporate partners through lead generation. Additionally, the Bears staff adopted the solution quickly as a strategic tool to promote their initiatives in an effective and targeted manner, creating synergy and increasing efficiencies.

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IHS Fresh Start (2013)

IHS was experiencing significant pains by trying to simultaneously support our existing Eloqua instance and several legacy (and sometimes rogue) platforms, most notably, Exact Target, which existed to support various functions for acquired business units not totally compatible with our standard Eloqua workflow. As a result, IHS customers were suffering through off-branded messages, email fatigue and un-reconciled opt-out requests.

Using the power of the Eloqua API, IHS built a clever custom application to meet the self-service needs of the users while restoring order to the kingdom. The customers were happy, the users were happy and because it saved IHS some money, the Executives were happy, too.

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Intrawest Fresh Start (2013)

Transforming marketing from a managed service and simple email provider to a best-in-class marketing automation and CRM environment was not without its challenges to Intrawest – but ultimately, in less than 12 months, over 40 active users, spread across 7 resorts, had achieved adoption, success and a new outlook on marketing effectiveness – not to mention 4.8m emails deployed across the resorts. No longer were resorts deploying one-off emails, measuring only open rates and clickthroughs; now they were measuring engagement and revenue and relating that back to campaign effectiveness. Resorts could now understand how their guests, both past and present, were engaging with them and what they actually wanted – this paved the way to planning for the best winter season yet for the entire Intrawest family.

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