Getting to Know You

This award honors an organization that has successfully utilized advanced personalization and profiling techniques in campaigns to build stronger connections with their prospects or customers and topple industry-standard response rates.

Crowe Horwath LLP Getting to Know You (2012)

Our Banking Consulting group was struggling with how to promote multiple solutions with long, complex sales cycles, making it difficult to stay in front of clients and prospects who were 1-2 years away from actually beginning a project.  We were sending emails by the batch and frequently calling, hoping to catch them at the right time.

The whole process needed to change, to be fueled by what we already knew and what we could learn about our target users. We developed compelling, issues-based content along a buy-cycle blueprint in four different topic “tracks,” which engaged clients/prospects and allowed us to learn more about them as they downloaded various pieces of content, answered informal polls, occasionally answered progressive profiling questions, and shared content with their own networks. Content is targeted, triggers now exist for more strategic hand-offs to sales, and sales is armed with more knowledge than ever before so they can be more efficient and more effective.

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National Instruments Getting to Know You (2012)

National Instruments’ Database Marketing team built automated email streams this year that unfold according to a contact’s engagement.  A single email campaign can have several different paths depending on how a contact engages with the material presented in each email.  We have created these multiple paths to ensure a unique, personal experience for our contacts.  Furthermore, National Instruments collects information on what content a contact is engaging with and maps back this information into our data warehouse system as a specific product interest.

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PTI Marketing Technologies (MarcomCentral) Getting to Know You (2012)

During our first year with Eloqua, the power of personalized content became abundantly clear. PTI Marketing Technologies (MarcomCentral) combined new data (captured by Eloqua forms), with sales stages, and dynamic email capabilities to wow leads in welcome programs, nurture programs, and auto response emails to form submits. The gem of our personalization efforts included image personalization, a proprietary PTI technology that was used within Eloqua to produce life like images with the recipient’s name or company name in the image.

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Wolters Kluwer Financial Services Getting to Know You (2012)

Every year, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services reviews our Sales Representative Alignment to insure we are meeting our customer needs and demands. With over 15,000 Bank, Credit Union, and Mortgage Company customers, it is virtually impossible for our sales teams to visit each of these institutions on a quarterly basis.  So, for 2012, Sales challenged the marketing team to come up with a way to facilitate a personal communication on behalf of the sales representatives for the segment with many customers but who individually were small in terms of revenue per customer.

Results? Absolutely! Bottom line, we have a 42% Year to Date increase in revenue from this group of customers with a minimal investment for creative and campaign set up.

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Box Getting to Know You (2011)

Historically, Box has required very little information for product registration. Because of this, our Eloqua database is largely made up of just email addresses. Our challenge was to get more identifying information on all these email addresses. Our solution was to design a personalized, 1-question-per-page survey that would ask for some identifying information — including name, job title, and company – along with questions related to file sharing and Box. 4% of people who were emailed started the survey, and 96% of people who started, also completed the survey.

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Citrix Online Getting to Know You (2011)

Citrix Online realized they needed to speak to the specific needs of their prospects, and not just message around the products.  Using the help of an outside market research firm, their product marketing team developed a set of buyer personas for each product.  The marketing team now sends out content offers by persona, using Eloqua to segment each nurturing program to target the appropriate groups. As a result, Citrix has experienced increased response and assigned lead rates, helping to meet revenue targets.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Getting to Know You (2011)

The Cleveland Cavaliers 2011-2012 Season Ticket Renewal campaign is an example of a standout, industry-leading customized marketing campaign executed with personalized URLs (PURLS). Utilizing the data tracking capaibilities of Eloqua, the organization was able to create a hyper-personalized, custom online space for STHs to renew their season tickets, receive exclusive benefits and interact with the organization on an individualized level. Creating this personalized experience for customers resulted in a significant increase in online season ticket renewals compared to prior seasons.

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KPA Getting to Know You (2011)

KPA leveraged the functionality of Eloqua 10 along with custom development to implement a progressive profiling program that meets our needs better than ever. KPA’s “Progress Pro” solution performs dynamic progressive profiling of prospects from any channel using a single Eloqua form. It is well suited to simple programs as well as more advanced use cases requiring conditional presentation logic.

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