Integration Innovation

Finalists for this award have taken taken advantage of integration to develop processes that have enhanced their business or improved analytics, resulting in time savings, reduced expenses, increased productivity, better targeting or increased response times.

inContact – Integration Innovation (2014)

inContact worked with Room 214 to create the world’s first Interactive Video Scribe, using Rapt Media’s interactive platform with Site Paring technology to integrate the video with Eloqua. Through a choose-your-own adventure style of video, viewers drove their own experience and were presented with only relevant content. More impressively, using Rapt Media’s Site Paring technology, the video integrated with inContact’s Eloqua MAS to capture, segment, and score leads.

PayPal – Integration Innovation (2014)

Platts – Integration Innovation (2014)

At Platts, our customers stay informed through editorial news associated with their subscriptions. With more products, subscribers and ever evolving news, we faced a systemic issue of distributing the alerts in real-time while keeping them tailored to customer preferences. We needed to substantially increase internal efficiency by eliminating any manual intervention and open new avenues for sales enablement opportunities. In true Platts collaborative form, Marketing Operations, Web Editorial and IT partnered to successfully solve exactly that problem. By leveraging the Eloqua REST API, we built a fully automated process that matches customer preferences to editorial news, auto-creates emails and magically sends them out with zero manual intervention, while increasing open and click-through rates by over 100%.

Rautaruukki – Integration Innovation (2014)

T-REX (Tool for Ruukki Express Communications) is an easy to use messaging tool that Ruukki roofs’ dealer network uses to send branded emails and personalized SMSs and to create simple PDF brochures. It was created for Ruukki Express dealers, Ruukki’s independent B2B roofing solutions retailers in the countries where Ruukki operates. The application uses Eloqua contacts and shared lists via an API integration. All emails and SMSs are sent by Eloqua.

ADP® Integration Innovation (2013)

Over the years, ADP has developed a large amount of collateral and email materials to help its 5,000+ Sales force get in front of prospects, created either centrally by marketing at the corporate level or locally by sales reps in the field. With thousands of ADP sales reps supported across the globe, the demand for more customization, personalization and just more material from our sales people has only grown – while important elements such as brand consistency, image licensing and approved messaging have become increasingly critical. ADP OnDemand is an initiative that combines the best technology (Eloqua), best messaging and most successful campaigns to meet these needs with the solution in the hands of the Field user. By enabling Sales Reps to personalize their materials through custom insights, offers and imagery in a controlled system, they can be more productive and run campaigns on their time – all with just four easy clicks. ADP OnDemand helps the sales team save time and effort in developing their own sales materials and provide a 10% lift in our annual campaign contribution to revenue while easily maintaining compliance with approved messaging, images and brand standards.

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Avid Integration Innovation (2013)

We at Avid were happy to be among the first companies in the world to combine the focus of Eloqua marketing automation, the capabilities of Bizo AdFocus cloud connectors, and the power of display advertising, to create a unique marketing campaign that was exciting to implement and even more exciting to watch its impact. We used the campaign to:

  • Target our prospects with display ads based on their behavior and engagement, captured in Eloqua
  • Nurture the anonymous visitors to our site with display ads to drive more known contacts into Eloqua
  • Add display to our email nurture programs to reach the people who do not open emails.
  • Re-engage opt-outs through display ads

The result was an increase in contacts in the database, increase in the velocity in which they moved through the sales process and lift in revenues.

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Lexalytics, Inc. Integration Innovation (2013)

We integrated Semantria Billing API with Eloqua API to enable auto sync of Semantria user information. We use it for lead scoring, segmentation, real time alerts and account management.

For lead scoring, we track how many transactions our users make over 1, 7, and 30 day intervals, to determine who’s hot, who’s not, and who needs more sales love.

For segmentation, we track which of our products our users use and send them content based on the product version, subscription package, etc.

For real time alerts, we check for sudden spikes or drops in usage and then send out a notification email to those users, to see if there is a technical problem with their solution or whether there is an upsell opportunity (beefier Semantria account).

For account management, we automatically send upsell offers based on their usage patterns.

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Vocus Integration Innovation (2013)

Integrating with Bizo using Eloqua’s AppCloud allowed us to break new marketing ground and become the first company in the world to connect our marketing automation platform with Facebook News Feed advertising!  This multi-channel media integration, using email, display, and social media, enabled us to impact prospects at different stages of the sales funnel like never before.  Metrics show that a full rollout would yield an increase of 31% in sales opportunity in just 3 weeks!

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EMC Isilon Integration Innovation (2012)

Digital content delivery is a critical component of many marketing activities. We created an application that creatively combines electronic documents and web forms to provide a compelling user experience that produces leads – lots of leads! With our content site passing lead data to Eloqua for processing and program execution, we are able to maximize the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns and consistently deliver high-quality leads to our sales team.

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NetApp Integration Innovation (2012)

In order to standardize email sending for web applications, NetApp needed a solution that would allow several different NetApp-built web applications to send emails via Eloqua.  The NetApp team sought an easy interface across the board to enable these applications to send Eloqua emails in response to a form submission in that application by a user.  We created a simple but powerful HTTP-based solution that allows each application to flexibly define the email attributes including content, subject line, recipient, sender and more – factors we could not simply control with a regular form submission to Eloqua.

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NXP Semiconductors Integration Innovation (2012)

Eloqua has enabled NXP Semiconductors to completely change the way in which we market our products and services. We can now reach an exponentially larger audience than was ever possible with our sales staff, delivering dynamic content that connects to our customers at every stage of the buying process. The Eloqua platform allows us to develop measurable customer engagements and enhance our business development efforts, enabling us to reach out to customers, better define their profiles, collect more actionable data, convert prospects into qualified leads, and measure and manage the entire process. And we have applied these efficiencies across our business, integrating Eloqua with seven additional systems or databases through the use of Eloqua’s FTP export/import and custom API functionality.

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Reed Business Information – Integration Innovation (2012)

Avid Integration Innovation (2011)

Avid developed a simple cloud-connector based interface to an external database, for the assignment of unique e-commerce voucher codes for use in a cart abandonment re-marketing program.

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Concur Integration Innovation (2011)

It’s all about the data!  Having access to prospects free trial product usage from the moment they register through a setup process and usage is an incredibly powerful tool.  You can build a sales funnel and process around it to create happier prospects and increase conversion rates while scaling your business to take on increased demand.

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InterfaceFLOR Integration Innovation (2011)

My eMarketer has been one of the best investments we’ve made in creating a more effective sales and marketing structure. It integrates seamlessly with our CRM system, as well as Eloqua making it a truly powerful tool for our sales staff!

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Singtel Optus Integration Innovation (2011)

A creative solution to deliver real time interaction between our customer records in Eloqua, visitor submitted data and the Qantas database leveraging all the power of the Eloqua web services API and the new Cloud Connector in a secure environment. This solution delivers a simple intuitive user experience to encourage participation in the program.

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