Modern Marketing Leader of the Year

Just as great people are the foundation for successful businesses, innovators are often the driving force behind exceptional marketing. You know who they are – the passionate senior people that push their teams to succeed, lead decisive change, set the vision for the entire marketing organization and introduce innovative concepts.

Tim Dubroy – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2015)

From the moment that Tim came into Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) within the newly created role as Global Marketing Operations Director, his passion and vision for what Marketing could become was simply infectious. What wasn’t foreseen at the time, was how much of Tim’s innovative ideas and approach, couple with his high-energy personality would influence WUBS’ business as a whole.

Leading into 2013 Western Union (WU) senior management put forward a transformational strategy to reposition the company for revenue and profit growth. Driving growth in customers and their usage of WUBS was the focus to maximize the long-term opportunity in business-to-business payments. A primary strategy was to improve the sales force and at the time, little was discussed about how marketing could contribute to this.

Practically two years on, Tim has transformed how Marketing operates globally at WUBS. Technologies are core; strategies are developed through data insights, innovative campaigns are conceived, in-depth and consistent reporting provides visibility and knowledge – all things that didn’t exist before Tim. Very notable as well is how Tim’s efforts has influence Sales and how Sales does business. Key Sales enablement tools have been developed with Tim’s vision, such as PACT (prospect and customer tracker) and FXC (foreign exchange communicator) that has led to how Sales conducts their job and approaches the marketplace. The Marketing enablement tools are the first thing Sales looks at to start their day and are constantly relied on to help make informed decisions. And of course it goes without saying that behind all of Tim’s initiatives is proven results – results that has allowed WUBS to transform progressively.

Megan Lueders – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2015)

Megan Lueders is the personification of a true Modern Marketing Leader. Not long ago, she was tasked with transitioning the company from being considered a hardware-based organization to a dynamic, software-led company. This effort required rejuvenating an 11-year-old brand with a new logo, updated messaging, and a fresh look and feel, while overhauling the entire website and she was given just months and no additional budget to do it. In parallel, she had to ensure that LifeSize not only maintain its already strong demand generation performance, but significantly and dramatically increase it- all while onboarding and training a new marketing team to focus on the customer experience. Only this visionary could have achieved the seemingly impossible. As a result of Megan’s leadership, LifeSize generated more leads than they had in the past two years, increased sales opportunities from 20% to 32%, realized a close ratio of 32%, assisted in generation of over $50M for its pipeline and shortened the sales cycle from 6 months to 6 weeks to 6 hours.

Neil Rongstad – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2015)

Three years ago, Neil Rongstad realized the enterprise marketing platform at Rockwell Automation they’d recently implemented wasn’t working out.  Inspired by Eloqua’s modern marketing vision, he boldly transitioned the organization to Eloqua. At his first Eloqua Experience, Neil quickly saw that the full value of Eloqua could only be realized if all marketing efforts and technologies were integrated.  Wielding the knowledge and skillsets of his own team, regional marketing teams, demand generation agency partners, strategic marketing vendors, and Oracle’s product management team, Neil has fostered the creation of a powerful Demand Generation Ecosystem – connected to Eloqua – integrating email marketing, dynamic content, social, remarketing, data cleansing, analytics, and salesforce automation used by all regions of the globe.   He is continually inspiring the strategies of the web, content marketing, product marketing, sales, and management teams at Rockwell Automation to fully realize the power of their connected systems to drive demand and customer engagement.

Rhonda Wunderlin – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2015)

Leadership is creating change, and this Modern Marketing leader is doing just that by transforming Penton, a well-established publishing company, into a cutting-edge modern information systems company.

Transforming large businesses often seems like a Sisyphean task (endless and ineffective) and yet Rhonda Wunderlin is pulling it off with relative ease and incorporating modern marketing best practices into every day work realities. She has set the vision for Penton Marketing of a unified collaborative organization, with streamlined marketing technology managed by a central Marketing Operations team, and is actively leading this transformational change. Her team rolled out Eloqua to 82 business divisions of Penton in less than 10 months. Executive leadership has stated repeatedly that an implementation of this size, on time and on budget, is Penton’s biggest achievement of the year.

Sharon Cook – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2014)

If you are looking for a true Eloqua Rainmaker, you need to look at Sharon S. Cook, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Public Relations and Web at Mountain America Credit Union. She “gets it.” Her rare combination of knowledge and expertise spans strategic communications and marketing as well as public relations tactics and marketing technologies that all drive results. Cook’s quiet, no-nonsense way of assessing an existing marketing mix and developing a new strategic design has delivered outstanding bottom line results every year she has been with Mountain America. Her fierce determination to implement the best marketing technologies, such as Eloqua, has assisted in building the company’s strong capitalization and produced outstanding results.

Todd Craig – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2014)

Todd Craig, Vice President of marketing at Aptean, personifies the modern marketer by focusing on strategies and tactics that build awareness among customers and prospects, as well as demonstrate the company’s value proposition in ways that resonate among key audiences. Unlike marketers of “old,” Todd recognizes that organizations need a multi-faceted approach in order to reach customers at various stages in the buying cycle, and developed an overarching strategy to execute an integrated campaign to generate results at Aptean.

Lynn Lucas – Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2014)

Since becoming CMO of Good Technology in April 2013, Lynn Lucas has already left a long history of innovation and advancement. Her progressive ideas and thoughtful leadership have not only revolutionized a marketing department, but a company searching for a new identity and a business needing better processes, measurement and alignment in order to remain competitive. For good reason, today, Good is the brand at the center of the conversation about secure mobile solutions, supported by lead generation, campaign attribution, and conversion rates that continue to set records.

Megan Lueders Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2014)

Megan Lueders is the personification of a true Modern Marketing Leader. Not long ago, she was tasked with the transitioning the company from being considered a hardware-based organization to a dynamic, software-led company. This effort required rejuvenating an 11-year-old brand with a new logo, updated messaging, and a fresh look and feel, while overhauling the entire website and she was given just seven months and no additional budget to do it. In parallel, she had to ensure that Lifesize not only maintain its already strong demand generation performance, but significantly and dramatically increase it. Only this visionary could have achieved the seemingly impossible. As a result of Megan’s leadership, Lifesize generated more leads than they had in the past two years, increased sales opportunities from 20% to 32%, realized a close ratio of 32%, and generated over $100M for its pipeline.

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Lori Colvin Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2013)

Lori Colvin, Marketing Partner with ArmaninoLLP, has been named one of the “Most Influential Women in Business.” She has always embraced change and is constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies, solve challenges and position the marketing department for future success. Just three years ago, the marketing department was using a small-scale CRM program, running e-mail campaigns from simplistic email software and project managing through Excel spreadsheets. Today, marketing is fully functional in several technologies that include Eloqua, a project management software (Vertabase), a new CMS implemented to help utilize Eloqua’s full capabilities and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Lori has revolutionized Armanino’s marketing department and really exemplifies the phrase “Modern Marketing Leader of the Year.”

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Hubertus Devroye Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2013)

Hubertus (Huub) Devroye is the director of Global Marketing and Demand Generation at the Dow Chemical Company, and the Marketing & Sales Director for Europe, Middle East & Africa. From the day he joined to now, Huub has never stopped introducing himself as “just a marketing guy”. However, in reality he is widely admired inside Dow by executive leadership, peers and the global teams he manages, and outside Dow, by key people from the industry or function as a passionate and as a visionary marketer who combines gut feel with creativity, passion and drive with determination, and innovative ideas with hard and proven measurable results. Huub established one of Dow’s critical global marketing growth programs around “Integrated Demand Generation” and “Marketing Automation”, as well as a lean and modern marketing organization, which can deliver on its short- and long-term commitments, is there to stay and which is on a continuous quest to get better and always ahead of the curve!

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Megan Lueders Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2013)

Megan Lueders, vice president of global marketing for LifeSize, embodies the modern marketer by inspiring her team to adapt to and foresee new trends of marketing, while always keeping a close eye on pipeline contribution and revenue growth. In the last twelve months alone, Megan led a team that refreshed the LifeSize brand, introduced a new company website in nine languages, implemented a content marketing strategy, upgraded to Eloqua 10, and embraced new demand generating vehicles which resulted an increase in pipeline contribution. Determined to maximize the many features of their marketing automation platform, Megan also led her team through their first lead scoring and automated lead routing program, and a complete overhaul of their multi-step email nurture programs. Megan’s extraordinary marketing vision and leadership inspires her small, yet nimble team to perform larger-than-life programs on a limited budget. But above all, her passion for developing her team into brilliant marketers will be her greatest marketing legacy.

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Zorian Rotenberg Modern Marketing Leader of the Year (2013)

Zorian Rotenberg drives the InsightSquared team with a strong passion to revolutionize Sales and Marketing analytics. He is an entrepreneur who has also been a software CEO and a VP, and on the management teams of multiple high-growth B2B software companies that grew very rapidly from near zero to $100 Million in global sales. Zorian has consistently applied highly effective, low-cost customer acquisition strategies based on inside sales and inbound demand generation to grow high-tech companies.  Zorian started his career in investment banking, graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in Finance and with two minors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.  Zorian also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Hubertus Devroye Marketing Visionary (2012)

Hubertus (Huub) Devroye is Global Marketing & Demand Generation Director at The Dow Chemical Company (Dow).   Huub lives and breathes marketing; as a true marketing professional, as a strategist with a vision and strong business sense, as a collaborator, and as an implementer.  Huub will shape the “big picture” at all layers of an organization, continuously adjusting to changing business environments and market dynamics.  He never loses sight of all the pragmatic steps that need to be fulfilled to reach the desired business goals, always manages to gain the enthusiasm of the people he interacts with, and gets their engagement and commitment to join him on an exciting journey.

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Nicolas Draca Marketing Visionary (2012)

Nicolas came on board at LinkedIn in May 2011. Entering a new environment, many of us would probably choose to lay low for a bit: get settled into the new role, assess the lay of the land. But that’s not the way Nicolas approaches a challenge — and that’s one of the many reasons he’s called a visionary.

In his previous role at Infoblox (another Silicon Valley success story that went public), Nicolas had discovered marketing automation, and gained vast expertise in aligning sales and marketing. Even before his first day on the job at LinkedIn, he knew that the right thing for the company, as it moved into its new phase of existence, was to create a solid demand generation foundation on which ambitious growth goals could be built. As always, the challenge would be to do this while staying on top of the day to day marketing activities in a fast-growing environment.

As he came in to manage demand generation for LinkedIn, Nicolas brought with him a strong vision of applying successful lead management as a single process and infrastructure across sales and marketing. Nicolas does not see sales and marketing as two functions, but as one integrated function that needs one process and infrastructure on which to operate.

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Diane Walker Marketing Visionary (2012)

Realizing that her budget wasn’t getting any larger, and her department wasn’t getting any bigger, Diane instantly viewed Eloqua an extra resource and started thinking how this new ‘round the clock resource’ could deliver more for Sales. Diane turned the existing, text-only emails into sophisticated, beautifully crafted, full-HTML automated programs. She built elaborate twelve-track nurturing programs, and complex lead scoring programs. She fought for, and implemented, Prospect Profiler for the entire Sales team – and without looking back she reorganized her entire department to align skills and talents to functional roles centered around the Eloqua system. And in return, Diane has achieved a 75% reduction in lead time to MQL, and a 300% increase in quarterly MQLs – not to mention a stellar relationship with Sales and global adoption of the Eloqua platform.

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Heather Zynczak Marketing Visionary (2012)

When it comes to marketing visionaries, look no further than Heather Zynczak. While many CMOs are still stuck in old world of brand and image marketing, Heather is a new breed — the data-driven CMO — quickly finding a way to harness and get value from the avalanche of available data to improve marketing processes and more effectively enable sales. Since joining Domo in April 2012, she’s increased monthly prospects on average by more than 5x and has forged a more productive and fruitful relationship with the sales team, greatly increasing the number of sales accepted leads by 125% in just the past two months.

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Meagen Eisenberg Marketing Visionary (2011)

Meagen Eisenberg executed on her demand generation engine vision to deliver real opportunities and grow the business.  Through innovation and motivation she leads her team to successfully deliver results quarter after quarter and enables the field to achieve and exceed their goals.  She openly shares her knowledge and learnings with others, so they too can grow their business.

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Heather Loisel Marketing Visionary (2011)

Heather is a phenomenal leader and change agent, who is transforming the marketing function at JDA. Today, for companies to thrive and succeed, organizations must first embrace the value of marketing and realize the power of social media to support it company-wide from the top down. Through her visionary leadership, Heather has transformed the mind-set and culture of JDA to more fully embrace and understand the lasting value and bottom-line benefits that marketing and social media can deliver.

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Kimberly Prescott Marketing Visionary (2011)

This submission shows what we were able to accomplish as a team through education, trial and error and constant testing as well as exceptional encouragement from Kimberly. It shows how one shared vision can result in demonstrative  success. We often focused on one thing to get it up and off the ground running smoothly, then would move on to the next big project or hurdle. There were times we weren’t successful. We would analyze what went wrong, and then move on. Kimberly is an inspiration, a leader, and someone who doesn’t accept mediocrity. She strives for the best in herself and others. She is truly an example of an Eloqua Marketing Visionary.

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Niraj Sharma Marketing Visionary (2011)

Niraj has the vision, drive and experience to successfully implement long lasting and measurable marketing programs. Niraj’s extensive hands-on experience with the Eloqua platform and his team-oriented approach continues to move the sales and ROI needle at Arrow. By leveraging Eloqua, his marketing expertise and his unique leadership abilities, Niraj continues to make a strong impact on the marketing community at large.

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