Most Creative Marketing Campaign

Sometimes all of the pieces align to create a fantastic marketing campaign – the perfect idea, the right target, the memorable artwork, the personalized follow-up, and of course, the measurable results.

Alaska Communications – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2015)

Alaska Communications hosted an exclusive event in March 2014 for the Iditarod, the world’s premier dog sled race, targeting strategic account customers. The company built on lessons learned from the inaugural 2013 event, when many business customer accounts were invited, which yielded low interest, registration and ROI. In 2014, event invites went only to key business customers from target verticals, increasing attendance from high value partnerships. Using Eloqua, MarketOne International, and improved internal collaboration, Alaska Communications improved the 2014 event using stronger strategic planning to maximize ROI for a memorable and profitable event.

Atmel Corporation – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2015)

Using interactive content, Atmel developed a high impact, fun contest to engage their target audience and develop brand awareness around one of their flagship technologies. The contest highlighted 400 creative user-generated inventions showcasing Atmel’s technology and collected more than 200,000 votes from around the world.

Eaton – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2015)

Faced with the task of increasing market share among IT professionals, Eaton set out to generate leads, grow brand familiarity and progressively profile its prospects by creating the “My IT Empire” promotional campaign. Through the digital experience, users created colorful, customized infographics depicting their reign as overlords over their Empires, complete with statistics around number of racks, servers and “minions” (coworkers). Meanwhile, Eaton collected 48 unique pieces of information about over 5,000 potential customers. Our integrated approach featured advertising, e-mail, social media, and a promotion landing page – all utilizing Eloqua’s unique capabilities and offerings, including e-mail automation, lead scoring, data card set, and saved report functionality.

Zumba – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2015)

15 million people in over 180 countries take a Zumba class weekly, but it’s so much more than just an effective workout; for people around the world, Zumba is a partner in personal transformation. In our first-ever brand-level, “Find A Class” spot, we introduce our new brand platform “Let It Move You” as an invitation: If you let Zumba in, it will move you physically and emotionally, setting in motion a healthier and happier world. For this first introduction, we wanted to show this unexpected fun in unexpected places, which included working with Diplo for an unexpected track and casting that showed the vast variety of global scenarios and “characters” you’ll find breaking it down in a Zumba class. Tactically, Let it Move You drove the communications, spiriting the direction of every touch point and message.

Amazon – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2014)

Oracle Marketing Cloud worked with to create a four part holiday messaging series to surprise and delight Amazon’s most loyal customers. Amazon’s goal for the series was to develop a set of messages that took a merry detour from their traditional messaging style, to show that unexpected, outside-the-grid creative can be a fun tactic for engaging and rewarding subscribers. The campaigns feature whimsical animations combined with creative integrations of Amazon products, for messages that are packed with personality and an overall friendly look and feel. Overall, Amazon deemed the series a success. By utilizing their email marketing channels to spread good tidings and cheer, Amazon was able to surprise and delight customers across North America.

Freescale Semiconductor – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2014)

Freescale Semiconductor developed a marketing program to generate awareness of their new “Ease of Use” solutions (Initiatives to help their customers reduce time spent on mundane, unnecessary tasks). But instead of marketing “Ease of Use” (Freescale’s vocabulary), they chose to position their solutions as “life hacks for engineers”; tapping into pop culture trends. Just like, Freescale’s focus on ease of use is making their customers’ lives easier; reducing unnecessary complexity and streamlining daily workflows. The campaign, which included content ranging from an “Engineer’s Guide to Life” to articles, infographics and videos, saw tremendous engagement with Freescale’s customers and prospects.

Tableau Software – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2014)

In honor of April Fool’s Day 2014, and in an effort to drive additional brand awareness, our marketing team created a campaign focused on “Medium Data”. The premise of the campaign was that big data was overdone, and that the new focus should be on medium data. We produced a video along with a webpage with this messaging which was shared across social media and paid search on April 1st. We saw increased traffic on our website and over 130 new product trials directly attributed to this campaign. We also had a ton of fun putting the campaign together.

Thermo Fisher Scientific – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2014)

Fisher Science Education is a broad line distributor of science instructional materials for K-12 education. School district leadership and administrators are the primary purchasing agents in this market; however, the end user/science teachers have the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. For this campaign, the teachers were our target audience. Understanding their pain points was critical; ever-shrinking budgets, constantly shifting priorities and often feeling under appreciated. At the core of our ‘Science Teachers are Superheroes Every Day’ campaign is a series of cartoon superheroes called the STEM-Credibles who are modeled after science teachers. These characters resonate with our target audience because they are science teachers by day and science superheroes when summoned to share their superpowers, aka science knowledge. Since inception, this campaign has been used successfully across multiple marketing channels including Eloqua, traditional print, tradeshow graphics, promotional materials and social media platforms.

Atomic Learning Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2013)

A few years back, Atomic Learning recognized the continuing challenge of making tradeshows effective.   The marketing team did some brainstorming, and created a campaign with minimal cost to drive booth traffic, and with it sales conversations.  The campaign, titled “I AM [an educator]”, provided educators an opportunity to share with the world how they’re impacting education and challenging their peers.   Educators are invited (through an Eloqua email, of course!) to visit the Atomic Learning booth at conferences to have their photo taken holding the I AM sign, which they fill in with how they’re impacting education.  For their participation, they receive a tshirt with I AM [an educator] on the front, and a QR code on the back which takes people to an Eloqua landing page which showcases all the images.

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Avalara Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2013)

One of Avalara’s key marketing goals for 2013 was to dramatically increase the ROI for our monthly Thought Leadership series. Specifically we wanted to double both attendance for and revenue from this online marketing event. Sales tax is something most business owners avoid thinking about unless they absolutely have to, so it was essential to create a marketing campaign for the series that was relevant yet stylish, compelling but fun, and – most of all – easy-to-understand. We designed the campaign as a cross-departmental marketing promotion, enlisting the best internal and external subject matter experts to provide informative and actionable content. By combining eye-popping landing pages with meticulously designed campaign canvases, automated dynamic email content with integrated cloud-connectors, and joining forces with our social media channels, we not only met our aggressive goals, we crushed them. As a result, our team established Avalara as a thought leader and industry expert in sales tax while delivering more attendees – and generating more revenue – than any other demand gen program launched this year.

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Intermec Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2013)

Intermec’s “Results” Marketing Campaign was launched in North-America in July 2012. International regions followed in September 2012.

At the center of the creative concept was the use of existing case studies without the mention of customer names in the ads. Reason being difficult legal approvals and not being able to sustain an ongoing ad campaign. Instead, the team decided to use a pointed description of customer results achieved and refer to the documented and approved case studies published on the Intermec website and landing pages. The integrated marketing / brand campaign consisted of email, print advertising, website, banner ads, social media, trade show displays and online landing pages.

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Nitro Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2013)

Our team saw a need to optimize the current tactical nurturing program which users entered after downloading a 14-day Nitro Pro trial. The 2011 trial series content was a bit too sales-focused, so we shifted toward a more educational approach that offers users a fun, interactive, and effective product training experience. With a focus on teaching users about Nitro Pro during their trial, we believed they’d see more value in the product—thus leading to increased trial-to-purchase conversion rates.

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Eaton Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2012)

Faced with the task of growing awareness, improving brand perception and increasing market share among IT professionals, Eaton created the “Things Have Changed” marketing campaign. This marketing initiative underscores the company’s expertise in information technology (IT) and data center solutions while positioning Eaton as a company that ‘gets IT.’ The campaign features the loyal desk toys of the IT manager and introduces a new perspective on the modern-day realities of IT power management through the voices of these figurines. The integrated marketing ecosystem features advertising, e-mail, social media, direct marketing, event component and a campaign website – all utilizing Eloqua’s unique capabilities and offerings, including e-mail automation, lead scoring, data card set, and saved report functionality.

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Sage Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2012)

In March 2012, Sage Fixed Assets launched its demand generation “Don’t Anger the Math Gods” marketing campaign.  The uniquely creative “Math Gods” campaign employed humor in a relatively straightforward industry—fixed asset management. By combining truly memorable artwork and the right targeting, we were able to achieve measurable results that hit the mark (and made the math gods happy).

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Vertafore Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2012)

In 2012 Vertafore made a bold goal company-wide of a dramatic increase in competitive wins. An extremely integrated marketing campaign was created to support this effort that has a highly recognizable superhero design and message. With the help of Eloqua, this program feeds the marketing campaign out to prospects in an intelligent way AND helps the sales team do their part with tasks auto-assigned at just the right time for follow-up. The result is the most successful campaign for Vertafore to date with a 400% increase in sales pipeline in just the first quarter the campaign ran and are on track to blow away the target set at the beginning of the year.

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Western Digital Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2012)

The WD Mystery Sale campaign brings an element of fun to the typical B2B promotions found in the hard drive industry. While its simple promotion mechanic (gift with purchase) helps to garner reseller’s interest, its time-tested technique of a “limited time” offer creates the urgency and ‘need’ for resellers to make an immediate purchase. The campaign was a resounding success, achieving an excellent ROI. This campaign is now rolled out to all other regions globally.

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American Express Small Business Services Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2011)

The purpose of the campaign was to stimulate card holders to spend more on their AMEX thanks to a great reward program including a vacation “once in a lifetime travel experience” in a dream location as well as monthly prizes (all aimed at preparing them for their trip of a lifetime).


  • High personalization, creativity and customization
  • Secure Hypersite
  • Integration between Eloqua and CRM


  • Great customer engagement
  • Increased customer loyalty
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ArcSight, an HP Company Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2011)

ArcSight Marketing delivered a creative multi-channel campaign to not only reach a tough new audience, but also to capture their attention long enough to download and test drive a new product in the market.  By harnessing a new marketing tool, the QR code, with a tried and true free t-shirt that was on message and desired, we were able to see measureable results, thwart the competition and improve the bottom line.

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Flightglobal – a part of Reed Business Information – Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2011)

Unisource Worldwide, Inc. Most Creative Marketing Campaign (2011)

Using Eloqua, a series of three emails were designed to promote a new environmentally friendly paper, porcelainECO. With compelling subject lines and a very loose custom illustration style a more fun, more creative, more personal connection was made the user when they opened up their email. The contest was created to offer Printers an opportunity to WIN by registering their Printing Company for a self-promotion campaign package funded by Unisource Worldwide Inc.

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