Revenue Growth

Organizations that have successfully driven quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year revenue growth rate through marketing campaigns and processes are celebrated with the Revenue Growth award.

Chicago Bears Football Club – Revenue Growth (2015)

The Chicago Bears Pro Shop through its integration to the Chicago Bears database marketing platform experienced significant revenue growth. Even though, the size of the Pro Shop database decreased by 53% after an extensive and through data cleansing process, the Pro Shop experienced a 75% increase in gross sales and a 53% increase in the number of orders over the same period of time before the integration. This additional revenue is being generated from the improved and centralized marketing strategy between the two organizations. The Chicago Bears and the Pro Shop are looking forward to further supplement this additional revenue through the utilization of dynamic content and the implementation of CRM to enhance these automated retail campaigns.

Cole-Parmer – Revenue Growth (2015)

One type of campaign that we developed was Broken Pattern on Consumable Products. We evaluated the purchasing cycles of product categories that were consumables and the campaign triggered an email when the customer broke their “normal” purchase pattern. In those product classes, we increased sales by 10.45%, growing from $34.8 million in 2013 to $38.4 million in 2014.

FIS – Revenue Growth (2015)

Supporting new revenue goals for the world’s largest banking and payments technology provider, the FIS Demand Generation team delivers integrated omni-channel campaigns covering more than forty solutions for targets ranging the largest banks and retailers to small community banks. This submission will showcase how we successfully support revenue goals for a wide range of solutions by leveraging Eloqua as our demand generation hub and utilizing well-defined processes to create integrated campaigns that are innovative, repeatable, scalable and measurable. 2014 campaign results include significant improvement in two critical pipeline metrics: The value of Won deals increased 188% YOY and New Active Sales Pipeline associated with a campaign increased 81% YOY.

Ingram Micro – Revenue Growth (2015)

Ingram Micro first leveraged Eloqua and other applications in Q4 of 2013 to offer its analytics-driven Growth Incentive Program to multiple clients, and has proven since to consistently deliver tremendous revenue growth for manufacturer clients by offering target customers the ability to earn cash rewards for exceeding quarterly spend goals with built-in growth rates, statistically calculated for each customer. Customers have different revenue goals for each participating manufacturer client, so they may be eligible for more than one goal. Program tracking details are delivered to target customers on a weekly basis via Eloqua, while internal daily tracking information is made available to internal stakeholders, including account representatives, through a custom-built sales portal. Revenue growth rates by goal achievers frequently exceed 150% year-over-year, despite the fact that the program includes declining and win-back customers combined with steady and growth customers. The revenue goals are aggressive – over and above steady growth trends – presenting a bona fide challenge for customers and motivation for manufacturers to participate.

Cvent Revenue Growth (2012)

Cvent has seen double digit revenue growth across product lines but the most impressive growth has been for our Strategic Meetings Management product line with triple digit growth YTD.  This sophisticated sale to enterprise customers required sales and marketing to work together to come up with a new marketing strategy when traditional direct marketing tactics provided meager results.  Although there were initial struggles, a content marketing strategy was successfully implemented to lure prospects into the funnel, and the sales team learned a new process to approach leads: based on their consumption of nurturing material, along with lead score and measured maturation in the buying process.  Ultimately, aligning the sales and marketing strategy – along with lead nurturing – allowed sales to focus on the hottest prospects while marketing tracked their impact and influence on target account penetration.  This year, we are finally seeing the results of our efforts really kick in, and are working even harder to assemble data to better understand how leads and deals flow through our sales and marketing funnel, and further optimize our marketing programs and sales tactics.

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Perceptive Software – Revenue Growth (2012)

Perceptive Software has essentially doubled annual revenue over the past four years.  We believe that this growth is based upon several key factors including:

  • A strategic shift with more focus on larger, enterprise organizations,
  • An increased focus on growing our indirect channel,
  • Greater alignment between Marketing and Sales,
  • The establishment of a Marketing Operations Team, and
  • Continuous, collective focus on improvements that drive pipeline and revenue growth.

ReadyTalk Revenue Growth (2012)

Through improved processes, better communication, new tools and more training, ReadyTalk’s marketing team has sourced 67 percent of new revenue. New tools, such as ReadyTalk for Salesforce, have helped increase the product demo attendance rate by over 300%. Integrations with and Eloqua have provided the marketing and sales teams with greater visibility into their pipelines, which has improved marketing and sales alignment.

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Salesify Revenue Growth (2012)

Salesify, a leading provider of B2B demand generation services, helps our clients create pipeline and accelerate revenue by identifying, profiling, nurturing and contacting the right decision makers within their targeted customer and prospect accounts. Salesify services include custom, targeted B2B contact lists; account profiling and competitive research; phone-based lead nurturing campaigns; appointment setting; inbound lead generation qualification services; and CRM database cleansing. We deliver high quality, cost effective services and programs, tailored to address each customer’s unique requirements. Salesify has achieved a 2009-2011 growth rate of 104%, and has over 300 clients, with a proven track record of helping some of the world’s largest technology companies drive more revenue. Salesify was named to the Inc. 5000 in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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ADP® Revenue Growth (2011)

Being open to adjusting our strategy to leverage Eloqua for lead processing and establishing integration with, we have been able to enable reporting on the revenue, implement lead routing based on specific criteria gathered on the leads, and establish write-back from to the Web App to display lead owner and status. This has allowed our company to drive 16,245 leads through Eloqua resulting in $33 million of Closed Won business over 4 fiscal years.

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Cross Telecom Revenue Growth (2011)

At Cross we have developed a revenue performance management strategy that has transformed our marketing department into a business. The cohesion between our marketing team and our sales force has allowed for marketing to impact sales by generating more opportunities, increasing brand awareness, and nurturing our customers resulting in more revenue per sales person and overall for the company. Marketing continues to be a driver of revenue at Cross and the impact on sales is undeniable.

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Cvent Revenue Growth (2011)

Marketing has always been a direct contributor of growth by feeding our sales teams with qualified leads through a variety of creative campaigns that we scale month-after-month.  This year we focused on lead nurturing, lead scoring, and content marketing to not only increase the number of leads this year – but also worked more closely with our sales team to identify and prioritize those incoming leads.  Cvent has been profitable for the past 6 years, and this year will prove to be our most profitable and highest grossing yet.  We started using Eloqua last year.  We also just received the largest investment in a private business software company since 2007 and the largest investment ever in the history of our industry last year.  To quote Eloqua’s CEO Joe Payne “Coincidence..? Just saying..”

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